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  1. Default Tabulated List of Late-Game Set Equipment

    I drew up this table so that I can see what items to get to get the most out of set equipment.

    edit: note that the Bounty Hunter set appears to be 15% Boss only.

    I've also included one of the recent KMS 1.2.218 sets, the Boss Accessory set, for the sake of complete comparison. It appears that the full Fafnir set + 3-piece Sweetwater set might be able to match the full Sweetwater set, because 75 ALL and 2 WA can be roughly made up by a fully scrolled and potted and nebbed bottom...

    With Superior Gollux around, there's not much room to play except for the Meister set and the Boss Accessory set. As of now, it does appear that the Sweetwater accessories are the best due to them being Tier 4 potential and having enough slots to scroll and PChaos them. The Boss Accessories (they're all Tier 3) to aim for would be Condensed Power Face Accessory (5 ALL 5 WA, 5 slots, equip tradeblock), Black Bean Mark (Eye accessory, 7 ALL 1 WA, 5 slots, untradeable) and Silver Blossom Ring (5 ALL 2 WA, 2 slots). Optionally get Royal Black Metal Shoulder (10 ALL 6 WA, 1 slot) and Pink Light Grail (Pocket, 5 ALL 5 WA).

    Would you all bother with the new accessories for the upcoming set (assuming it comes to GMS)?

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    Would it be useful to add the equipment's base stats and number of slots to the table itself? While it would make the table much longer, even if you are only comparing the set effects the base stats can't really be ignored since the difference in final stat gain could literally be tens if not hundreds of stats when taking base stats into account. Easy example is Fafnir equips + well-starred Tyrant equips (which don't even belong to a set) versus basically anything else, and another example (which is possibly outside the domain of this table) would be the anniversary maple equips which had a decent set effect for their level but had low base stats and took a lot of leaf farming to achieve, making them a "nice to have if you accidentally looted enough leaves but otherwise mediocre and replaceable" set.

    I find that gear choices are less decided by raw power and more decided by the player's circumstances unless your resources are unlimited. A lot of the time, things like availability/obtainability, price, how valued the character is to the player, tradeability and power/cost analysis all factor into the gear you grab for any given character.

    As a raw comparison of sets this table is good but they don't exist in a vacuum, unfortunately limiting its usefulness to most. Also I probably wouldn't get this new set; that's not because of it's stats because they're clearly good, but because I've got tons invested in my current accessories and it'd cost too much for me to eventually obtain a net gain in power.

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    It's impractical to try and add in so much details into a table - it makes it too big and too unreadable. Those are also not the point of this table. I put this up only to detail the equipment slot usage of set equipment against their set bonuses. Scrolling is also variable and I cannot factor something that cannot be controlled, and that may totally change beyond the initial stats of the equipment. I leave the stats to you all to figure out. I would need multiple tables to detail all the things that matter e.g. base stats, slots, "perfected" stats etc. I put this thread in Discussion instead of the Game Mechanics thread because it's not a hard and fast rule. It's just a simple list for people to see what other possibly top-tier set equipment they can get.

    You will also note I didn't put in VL equipment. Those have sufficiently poor stats that I did not put them in this table. Additionally, most of the Maple equipment (even the more recent ones) just don't cut it. As I said, the issue tackled in this post is with the orthogonality/compatibility of sets, not so much their stats.


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    Err... Bounty Hunter is only 15% boss dmg....

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    Hmm? I checked it against extractions.


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    Question: Wasn't high enough level to do the Alien PQ to get the set at the time. is that still available? Or was it an event thing? o-o

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    Default Re: Tabulated List of Late-Game Set Equipment

    It's still available.

  8. Default Re: Tabulated List of Late-Game Set Equipment

    I guess something changed. o-o

    Yeah, it's a permanent thing. Not exactly a PQ either, you can enter solo.

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    I'm curious if I should be using a 2 set piece for the Treasure set, specifically I want to replace a tempest ring with Kanna's Treasure and my shoulder with Hayato's treasure.

    The 2 set effect is 2 all stats, 3 attack and 3% total damage. Is this something I should consider? I have well over 300% dex, 60% attack, 50~% TD.

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    A Meister shoulder and your Tempest ring covers the AS and ATT. The 3% damage... well....... Not worth the pain IMO. I would consider the Bounty Hunter 2-set (ring, eye) instead since the ring has more slots (but GL PChaosing/priming).




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