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  1. Default Potent weapon scrolls currently available?

    I've been away far too long. I've been seeing weapons pop up with upwards of 10 attack gained from each passing scroll.

    Now my question is, since the "GM" scrolls came out (100% 5 attack) what other options are there for scrolling a weapon these days? Spell traces are another new feature that is pretty good, but is there better available?

    Protection Scrolls are obviously included in making these.

    Looking to scroll myself a good fafnir claw. Currently have a GM Claw scroll and 4 50% 2H for 8 attack.

  2. Default Re: Potent weapon scrolls currently available?

    Those +10 attack scrolls are most likely last anniversary's scrolls; they were 40% (or 30%?) success, with 50% chance to break on failure, and gave +10 weapon/magic attack and +3 all stats. The last scrolls to have been "best" were the Pinnacle ones, with 20% success, 100% chance to break on failure; these added one less attack than the anniversary scrolls. The scroll trace system is decent for scrolling level 140+ weapons, but future event scrolls would probably still be better, if the last few major patches have shown. I don't follow KMS updates, so I don't know if new scrolls were released.

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    When I get my hands on a fafnir claw to complete my set, I'll probably protection scroll all four of my 8 atk 50%s as they take up one USE slot each, free up some room. And depending on the result finish with protection 30 or 15s as money rolls in.

    Protections seem to run for around 350m each in GAZED with a minimal supply. Where as 10% no boom clean slates run for around 30m each. Either way it's an expensive road to perfection. I'd like to finish the claw at no less than 150 attack before stars.

    My 100 attack sleeve with 50% boss and 35% Pdr is almost on par with a clean faf claw and the 4 set. So even if it takes forever and a day to finish, any progress is an upgrade.

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    Scroll traces are meant to replace scrolls entirely, consequently, they've seemed to have stopped producing event scrolls since their release.

    If you're going for perfection, you should probably just do 15%s all the way with clean slates, probably on a character with max dilligence, farming lucky day scrolls whenever you can. Do elite bosses for safety scrolls, unless you're okay with buying them as a service.

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    I've embarked on the journey to create a claw for myself as GAZED has little to offer. I landed 2/4 of the aforementioned 50% scrolls for 8 Attack and 1/4 30% Spell Traces for 7 Attack. I managed to pass a few 10% no boom Clean Slates and another 2 30% Spell Traces passed on the claw (+5 Now, 123 Attack). I plan continuing 30% Traces for the next 4 slots, finishing the last with one of the 15% to have a 160 Attack pre-Enhanced claw.

    My biggest question around finishing the claw is Hammers. Should I go the route of the in-game 50% Hammers and one/both fail, will I be able to restore the slot with a Clean Slate?

    And is Willpower bonus additive or multiplicative?

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    You can CS the hammer fail slot, just as other scroll fail slot

    Willpower bonus is additive, but i dont think it works with Spell trace system

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    I'm assuming you mean Diligence, which actually does work on traces, they confirmed it on the korean MapleStory site. :)

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    I totally meant Diligence. Forgive me, haha didn't sleep last night.

    And additive is too str0nk. Looks like I'll be getting mine up more. May even look into the "level a profession, unlearn it, and relevel" method to level Diligence faster unless there are better options that can get around the 500 daily limit.

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    Until GMS confirms this aswell, I don't think it applies for us atm.
    Scroll traces don't count as scrolls on items that has "every scroll will succeed" effect



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