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    how would a soul weapon help with dojo?

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    The summon type ones attack immediately when the boss spawns, which means if your damage range is high enough (and you get reasonably lucky with spawn points) you can stand on the portal and tap up as soon as the 'stage x' banner appears because your soul weapon will have 1hko'd the boss already. It speeds up Dojo times considerably.

  3. Neutron Straight Male
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    Must be my attack speed/Portal lag then. I keep getting like 6:05 and can't break it for my life.

    Another thing is i run out of sacrifice sometimes, i guess again because of speed/portal lag, at the later stages. Could cause a decent amount of time to be added lol. Even when i sit in the rest maps and wait for it to come off CD

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    The DK I know that gets 5:2x times has permanent Sacrifice (buff duration inner ability, Mechanic character card, maxed empathy, etc), and he hits 100% max damage, so that may also be where you're a bit behind. Pretty sure he uses real SI (cast before you enter, then use dSI when it runs out for the last 5 stages) + extreme green potion. Portal lag is a pain in the ass though ._.

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    Are you still using a Spear? You needa get a polearm if so.

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    Very recent but I just reached 800k range (with gloves, 700k without) and I'm super happy about it... looking for 1m mark next since I have a ton of things to cube, I did about a 8:09 dojo time I still have a lot to scroll and cube left but I'm getting there... hopefully 2m by the end of the summer or by winter times. :) Let me know if you want to see more specific gears or something!

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    Here was my Aran's range pre U&I. Could finally reach 90k (with my Soul Weapon maxed of course), maybe near 100k with a few external buffs.



    Now with updated Aran range.

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    Definitely possible to get sub 6:00 on a Zero. I was stunned by Papulatus, and had a few sloppy moments as well.

  9. Neon Atom
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    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
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    Congrats! Shame on that papulatus stun (Alpha's fault I bet).
    Though where I live, it won't be possible since Alpha's absorption and portal latency ruins my time.

  10. Helium Atom Straight Male
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    Hasn't been super long since my last update, but I upgraded again!

    My range is now over a million for both minimum and maximum, something I've been attempting to accomplish for quite some time now. Again, I cheated by using Epic Adventurer and Echo, but who cares right?

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    First time for everything, here we go. I'm still working on upgrading a lot of things, need to cube my weapon as it has no boss on it x0x, and i need to get my inner ability to legendary to get that inner speed +1 as i do use a 2h bw


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    Roughly 2 years since the last post in this thread, but i just have to get this out here LOL

    5th Job Dark Knight Gameplay (vs Magnus and Queen)

    If you're a Dark Knight main and are awaiting the release of 5th job, heres a tip. Once you get to 5th job (when it comes out on GMS), be sure to use dark spear on a boss as close as you possible can. It can lead to it hitting VERY MANY TIMES, and it will somewhat work like a 1-second version of Dual Blade's Asura Hyper Skill.

    People seem to sleep on Dark Spear quite a bit, but its actually a lot more powerful than you think

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    Thanks for showing this functionality, haven't really seen any drk video using it at bosses.
    It has exactly the effect I wished for. Basically if you have at least some ability at using it, you can make it into a really crazy 1v1 aswell, whereas "normally" it has arguable utility. That might be a nice pattern for more skills in the future, which require skill (...) in order to be of good use?

    EMS took another step into the GMS migration, result is (for example) we cannot reflame items anymore or enhance past 15*. However the stats reached before that patch will remain on the item. We inherited all the GMS functions (15* star force, nebulites, monster book etc.), to be honest all at once is quite overpowered.
    Here is my baby's final form



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