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    (PvE) Skill Changes

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    Mob (Changed)


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    The remainder of the Star Planet BGMs were included in this patch.

    KMS 1.2.220 - 8/27

    All of the Star Planet tracks can be found in this playlist.

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    Oh cool, they didn't remove Mileage from bosses! So now it's super easy to get it AND you can use it to buy a lot (see: everything except cubes and beauty coupons) of Cash items for 100% Mileage (in addition to the Mileage Shop which sells Cubes and Scissors with a certain limit). 10/10 Nexon :D

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    Too bad GMS probably won't get it -_-

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    Yep, it's just awesome. You get the mileage both for winning(around 60) and losing (around 40).

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    Well, I never thought they'd add the pet skill system which eliminates the need for meso magnet and item pouch, yet they did. Maybe by winter holydays they change their minds and add the system with these changes?....

    ... One can dream

    Am I the only one that wanted to listen to a full version of this track?


    Screw all the "it doesn't fit maple" pomegranate. its the first electronic track I've heard in MS (or one of the very very few) and, simply, it sounded good. They had to leave it incomplete while most of the other tracks in this area sound no better than elevator music - waiting room music.



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