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  1. the Immutable Neuter
    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
    Level: 25
    Job: Sailor
    Guild: USN
    Alliance: VAQ-141 Shadowhawks

    Default end of season rewards

  2. Neon Atom Male
    IGN: TidusAiYuna
    Server: BelloNova
    Level: 204
    Job: Drk
    Guild: Minah<3
    Alliance: Tiffany<3
    Farm: Hyuna<3

    Default Re: end of season rewards

    pretty sure its morg. if it was zyra her face would be more planty.

    nice skin since i main morg sup but shes perma banned now so RIP dream

  3. Default Re: end of season rewards

    It's Morgana. The Victorious skins go to like... The most valuable champions of the season. For example, in S1 Jarvan was really strong. S2 Janna was beast (RIP pre-nerf Janna, I can't count how many times they nerfed her after season 2...), Season 3 Elise dominated, and Season 4 Morgana has come back stronger than ever. Zyra hasn't really been in S4 at all, so I don't see the point of her getting a Victorious skin.

  4. Eos Scammed Me. Bi Male
    IGN: Ryninagha
    Server: Windia
    Level: 16x
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: EmoCorner
    Alliance: EmoNight

    Default Re: end of season rewards

    I really, really dislike Morg getting a victorious skin. Why not give it to a champion that doesn't have only one or two skins.

  5. Default Re: end of season rewards

    Because she's in vogue.

  6. Default Re: end of season rewards

    Was pretty sad when i found out it was a morgana skin.. There are no words that can describe how much hatred i hold for that god forsaken champion.
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  7. Default Re: end of season rewards

    But I love Morgana!



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