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  1. Default Should I change my weapon?

    This is the Staff I'm currently using:


    I'm wondering if it would be worth it to buy, rescroll, and recube a Fafnir Staff, or go with the 3-piece set and keep my current one instead?

  2. Default Re: Should I change my weapon?

    If you cap on Vellum with this thing, no. If you dont, then yes.

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    If you could detail me your %Boss that would be nice. Also, any other sources of %DMG from equipment.

    I've been thinking about this too, except I have a Loveless Dead End instead. I can't get a Fafnir Dunwitch Pants at a reasonable price, but when I do get it, the bonus 30%Boss would be very useful.

    Alternatively you could simply maximise set MA and go with a Sweetwater 4-set (Weapon, Glove, Shoes, Cape), a Fafnir 3-set (Hat, Top, Bottom which undoubtedly gives the most in terms of potentials too), a Superior 3-set (Pendant, Ring, Belt), and Meister 3-set (Ring, Earring, Shoulder).

    If someone could detail me on any available sets that use Face or Eye accessory (I'm aware of the bounty hunter one) that would be nice too.


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    Cape is Tyrant, Hat/Overall are Empress until I can get RA pants and scroll/cube the 3 pieces. Only Total Damage% line I have is 12% on my Emblem.

    If there's any other info you'd need, I can add that as well.

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    unless that's your drop gear, you should definitely focus on the full gollux set first

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    I was meaning to do that, but I got lazy after getting the earrings Was going to work on a Superior Ring next , so I can toss the Fox Ring to someone else. Then maybe a Pendant at least, depending on if I want to pay for the extra slot again (Wasn't maining this when they brought out perma slots). The CHTP is my main pendant atm at 19% INT, Fearless just has +Drop and some decent raw stats.

    Although the Tyrants still need work as well, but I got those to 2* at least.

    edit: Everything but the Fearless Pendant and Tyrant Shoes/Belt have at least one line of %INT/MAtk/Boss/Dmg/etc right now, so I'm content with those while I work on other things that are needed.

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    Definitely focus on gollux then, much easier to scroll and should increase your damage more than just a new staff

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    Unfortunately, without the rest of the Sweetwater armour, particularly the cape, shoe and glove (all of which can be Tyrants until you succeed in transposition), the Sweetwater Staff is not optimal. But you have better things to upgrade now, at much lower costs.




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