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  1. Default Understanding Luminous' Reflection

    Having played Luminous since it came out, the mechanics of Reflection keeps bugging me. We all know that Reflection is what makes Luminous such an OP class in grinding/levelling/hacking (sadly too). But it doesn't always work as we think it would. I'm laying out the detailed observations I've made in the past few weeks so that we can all study this together.

    The bolded text reflects observations that have always, always been consistent, and would likely be of significance to other Luminous players in their gameplay.

    General observations:

    - Order of beam appearance reflects order of mob hit (obviously, and pun not intended).
    - Distance between mobs is a definitely a bounce criteria - mobs too far away (e.g. horizontally) will not be reached by Reflection, generally speaking. For mobs to be bounced onto, they must form a chain of reasonably proximity.
    - Reflection bounces down much more easily than it bounces up [hoverspoiler=but...]this could also be due to the generally vertically taller hit boxes that monsters have[/hoverspoiler].
    - The restriction on bounce is not affected by where you are (with the exception of mobs whose hit box etc. have not been generated because they were too far away from you). It doesn't matter if you stand in the middle of 3 spaced-out mobs (but still in close proximity), or if you stand at the limit of Reflection's casting range.
    - The order of bounce does not necessarily seem to be confined by search range - the last mob hit (for example) could travel a ridiculous distance (horizontally or vertically or diagonally) from the second last mob hit BUT this last mob must have been close to one of the mobs that was earlier hit (i.e. this could simply be an issue with bounce order)
    - It is unclear if order of mobs spawned (i.e. age of the mob) has any effect on bounce conditions

    - Odd numbers of monsters hit in one platform don't bounce up but do bounce down.
    - Even numbers bounce up, and also bounce down.

    - At least for bouncing upwards, the bounce conditions are iterative e.g. in a case with 2 mobs in front of you and 2 mobs in a platform just above you and 2 mobs in another platform higher up, Reflection will bounce all the way up to the highest platform. Some similar observations for bouncing downwards but it is considerably less predictable.

    - Bounce order is not necessarily predictable - you have have 4 mobs in front of you and some monsters just above, but it may not hit 4 at the bottom platform first
    - Odd-even bounce criterion is not necessarily predictable e.g. if there were 5 mobs in front of you and some mobs on top, it may or may not hit all 5 in front of you - it may hit 4 and bounce up instead (even number consistent with abovementioned statement)
    - It is unclear if order of mobs hit reflects any bounce-search criterion.
    - Monsters hit are always consistent i.e. if 8 monsters always spawn at the same spots and Reflection hits them, Reflection will ALWAYS hit them. This is also observed when the game lags, such that casting Reflection on the mob in front of you will always cause the same monsters to be hit by the bounces (barring too much KB).
    - Order of mobs hit is always consistent (observed in a lagging game).

    More specific observations

    - If you have one mob in front of you and a lot of mobs just below, it will appear as if 2 (or more?) Reflection beams appear from the mob just in front of you (as if forming a pyramid or a triangle with the bottom screen edge assuming you can't see the mobs below).
    - If you have one mob in front of you on a middle platform, one mob just below you, and a cluster of mobs above you, Reflection will hit the mob in front, then bounce down to hit the mob below, then bounce all the way up to hit the cluster of mobs above.

    Regardless of whether it obeys abovementioned rules or not, this is a very useful observation.

    In light of these observations, general trends for my training have been created since.

    - Try to hit from the top-most platform (but if you don't have the bounce-penalty Hyper skill learnt, then you need to keep going down to clean up the mobs). Stance is very helpful for this.
    - Don't bother hitting that one lone mob if you're next to it at the bottom-most platform and there's a bunch of mobs behind you. (Also note: if this bunch of mobs behind you is at the edge of of Reflection's range, then it won't bounce to the lone mob because it's too far away for a bounce to reach it.)
    - Try not to squeeze too close between 2 mobs because the mob behind you will KB towards you in the direction that you face (thus taking touch damage, and losing one Black Blessing orb thus losing the MA buff).

    If other people can help understand the mechanics of this skill, or even devise a formula to understand this (mathematicians are always welcome) then it would be great to other Luminous players. I will update this post correspondingly and acknowledge your contribution.


  2. Default Re: Understanding Luminous' Reflection

    Reflection is wacky, but the general rule I have observed for it is that in order for a mob to possibly be hit, it's not the proximity to each other that matters but instead it's the proximity to you the caster. Secondary to that is the mob age (every mob has a different age ID, even if they spawn at the same time). Older mobs will be hit before newer ones, regardless of proximity. I think that from there, it determines which mobs are going to be hit and then it generates a path amongst them.



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