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Thread: Weapon Speed

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    Hi all, I would like to ask if there is any GMS players who did research on weapon speed.

    Is there a cap as to how fast a weapon speed can go?

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    There is no weapon attack speed cap in GMS, in other servers cap is fast (2).

    Values of attack speeds are:
    Slow 9
    Slow 8
    Slow 7
    Normal 6
    Fast 5
    Fast 4
    Fast 3
    Fast 2

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    4 and 5 are called Faster, and 8 and 9? are called Slower I believe. Otherwise, I believe GMS requires the Green Potions from MPE to break the speed cap, though Kaiser might be able to do it without them.

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    I was pretty sure that in GMS you still need a cap-breaking effect to go faster than 2. (Something like a MPE potion will allow you to break the cap.)

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    Default Re: Weapon Speed

    2 and 3 are called Faster. 4 and 5 are Fast.

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    I'm from MSEA, do I have to literally test it out to check if MSEA have a cap, or is there a way to obtain via extracting maple files?

    1 question, after breaking the cap with MPE Green Potion, does it means that all other skills will continue lowering the weapon attack speed?
    I refer to this post:

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    GMS is the only server who have no attack speed cap, afaik its also known as a bug there.

    Edit: When MPE was released the Green MPE potion did not work, however when they fixed it the breaking attack speed cap feature came with it, in other words, if you didnt have a similar situation I seriously doubt you can break cap in MSEA.
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    We are able to break speed cap with Green MPE potion.
    Does that mean we have no cap as well? Or is it limited to Cap (2) - Green Pot (1) = Speed 1?

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    It work like Combat Orders. Once you have en effect that breaks the cap, all the others stack.

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    If you are sure that you can break cap with Green MPE then theres no limit (as long as its like GMS).

    @Mazz is a dual blader (so this puts him at fast (4) base with booster he already reach cap) yet Green MPE, decent si & the you & I rune seem to stack for him.

    I dont know your limits in MSEA but IF its the same as GMS then you have no limit. You have to test it yourself Im afraid.

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    What I can confirm, is that a Paladin using a speed 5 sword, can reach speed 2 with DSI and booster, and breaking cap to 1 with green potion.
    Which is what I do for dojo runs.

    However, are skills like Yellow Aura able to make it faster? (Just need to confirm this since I can't bring a battle mage into dojo runs.)
    Does this work in GMS?

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    Get a BaM friend with an Estaff to try with you. I'll check on my Bam too. Get back to you later.


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    I have a problem guys. A rather big problem. I request independent verification from someone who has a BaM and anyone else who has a BaM friend and SI (not just DSI), on top of the usual people e.g. @Grey;, @Mazz;, and maybe @JoeTang;.

    Basically, I can't break speed (0). The standard cap of (2) is still there which cannot be broken without Extreme Green Potion (so @Even; is wrong about this, in that there isn't no speed cap in GMS i.e. there is a speed cap). Based on my studies, it appears that you can no longer go to negative speed stages.

    Finishing Blow test

    I can ascertain that Body Boost and Grand Light Aura are doing their job, using a cheap Wizard Staff, which is Slow (8). 100 casts of FB with AYA + BB + Booster + Green Pot [now speed (2)] takes 1 min 6.5 seconds. With all the buffs in plus Extreme Green Potion, Finishing Blow barely looked faster and that may be attributed to visual expectation. So unless it's because of my aging computer or ridiculous latency/ping that's affecting casting rate, I dare not confirm until someone else verifies this.


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    I can help you test on my bam if you want, but you'll have to do the timing, got ele staff and phantom mule for si

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    Well thats good, now fix the green MPE so it DOESNT break cap.

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    Alternatively, let people get to 0 without using MPE green potion.

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    I think the cap aftering breaking the original faster (2) with an Extreme Green Potion has been faster (0) for quite some time now, either post-RED or post-FLY/Grand Athenaeum. I haven't been able to pass faster (0) on my NL or Shad.

    This Basil post I found from a while back suggests maybe RED or prior?

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    @hadriel; I don't have access to a computer until Thursday so I can't check til then, but try on a different class. I was able to reach (-1) on my Dual Blade about a week ago I think. If you have access to a shadower or a dual blade, the Christmas tree dagger is (3) base which would be enough to reach negatives with either AYA or SI (or both). Any thief class can buy a (4) speed weapon from an npc though as far as I'm aware.



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