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  1. Default More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    It seems I missed the introduction of soul weapons.

    Are there any bosses with a high (or even 100%) chance to drop the 60% success soul infusion? I found one of the 30%s in the literally thousands of mobs I killed in Kritias, which failed, I would like to speed things up and have a success.

    p.s. where can I get an Emblem for a Dark Knight? I don't think I missed those being introduced but my DrK hasn't got one... And is there anything else quick to obtain that wouldn't have been around last Christmas? (like a better shoulder available from an area or whatever - the Kritias shoulder seems hard to get)

    p.p.s. are all the summer coin events done? Wanted to buy a Pocket slot for 120 coins but it seems like I can't get any.

    p.p.p.s. I am guessing from the frequency they drop that none of the new crafting stuff is worth much. The black 'grand spell essence' is the rarest I've found.

    p.p.p.p.s. I still have a miniature pianus. But I already have Hero's Will... is that quest obsolete too?

  2. Default Re: More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    A lot of bosses have a chance to drop a Soul Enchanter, I got a 60% one from regular RA a couple of days ago.

    There's an Adventurer-only questline that gives out a level 100 Emblem, though I'm unsure of the specifics because I've never done it.

    As for equipment, I'm not sure.

    For Hot Summer Coins, there's still the nearly impossible Gold Richie's Safe Event, but meh.

    Yup. All of those Mana Crystal-esque items are virtually worthless.

    Yes, the quest is obsolete.

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    Default Re: More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    You get the emblem for your DrK by doing the Maple Island quest line. If you don't have a lightbulb over your head, check your Adventurer Book ("Episode" in key settings) to see how far you've gotten in that.

    There is no way to get any more Hot Summer Coins. The shop is only open for people who for some reason didn't use all they had while the events were still going.

  4. Default Re: More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    Ah yes, I did those quests on some of my characters but evidently not the one I decided to play this time.

    Shame about the summer coins, still a fair distance from 30 charm, and I have a pretty decent pocket item for some reason (red handkerchief, +7 all or so)

    Found a decent shoulder in the Hieizan area, +1k range vs my Krexel pauldron (which was clean no-pot).

    Seems pretty likely there'll be no 'definite replacement' (ie. fully tradeable with better stats than my equips) items to collect, just the addition of soul collection to my main weapons.

    I also picked up 15k maple points somehow, so that's.. nice.

  5. Default Re: More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    Probably from when pet equips were removed and replaced with "pet skills". People with any (perma or temp) were compensated with maple points when it happened. Also all pets loot items and meso now, and skills are all permanent and cheaper.

  6. Default Re: More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    Oh, that'd do it... perma loot item/mesos on my main pet, possibly the same on my Aran's pet (it's been a while) and random other pet equips that may or may not have expired by the time that happened (from events last Christmas, my Hayato had temporary pet stuff).

    Actually I guess that means my Hayato's pet can still loot even though I thought that expired in March, neat.

  7. Default Re: More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    So... is there any way to turn quest lightbulbs for low level quests back on? My DrK can't see them and it's really annoying, since I'm 19x and all the new content is for like, 140-180.

  8. Default Re: More 'just came back' questions (soul weapons ...)

    It's a manual method, and you have to do it each time you relog.

    See here:




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