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    Default [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide part 1: Explanations + Floors 1~20

    Complete the quest '[Tower of Oz] Tower Under the Sea' through the quest notifier and enter through the Dimensional Mirror.
    - The Tower of Oz has 50 floors, each with different objectives and tasks, such as hunting monsters, navigating jump quests, and more.
    - You can challenge up to 200 floors in the Tower of Oz each day.

    For example, when you enter Floor 1, your daily limit will be reduced by 1. If you go to Floor 10, 10 counts will be deducted from your daily limit.
    - If you reach your daily limit in the middle of exploring the Tower of Oz, you will be allowed to stay until you go back to the lobby.
    - Use the Clever Lady Hotline that Alicia's Soul gave you for assistance or if you would like to exit the Tower of Oz. You are allowed to place this on a hot key for easier use. If you lose the Clever Lady Hotline, you can get another one from Alicia's Soul in the lobby.

    Time limit & Stupid Pills:

    Rewards and Oz Points!

    *NOTE: Keep tutorials ON! They give you time pauses/breaks so you can get a breather OR wait for party members to catch up!


    Floor 1

    Floor 2

    Floor 3

    Floor 4

    Floor 5

    Floor 6

    Floor 7

    Floor 8

    Floor 9

    Floor 10

    Floor 11

    Floor 12

    Floor 13

    Floor 14

    Floor 15

    Floor 16

    Floor 17

    Floor 18

    Floor 19

    Floor 20

    For some images and some text: KremeChoco @Leafre
    For some images and some text: Members of Avid!
    For some images and reference: OJMush Blog
    Myself for putting this together with all the current information and my own little tips and tricks.

    Due to thread size/limits on this forum I will be breaking this guide into pieces.
    This is part 1: Explanations + Floors 1~20
    Part 2: -link here-
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  2. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    Looks very nice Sushi! Very helpful, can't wait to see more on further levels!

  3. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    Great guide so far :)

  4. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    I don't like to self-promote TOO much, but..

    Floor 1-10

    Floor 11-20

    Floor 21-30

    31 - Kill 200 insectivore slimes. Don't aggro the fairy (don't attack it at all) or it'll spawn more fairies and they can seal you + cast an invincible bubble on the slimes (like Shinsoo's bubble at Empress)
    32 - Kill the blue slimes at the top of the map. Cannot jump here. Have to use the bouncy thorns to attack the mobs on your way up.
    33 - Use the keys to change the direction of arrows, making your way to the bottom right corner and getting that arrow to point straight down. You can use Alicia's hotline to "run out of keys" three times, and then buy 3 sets of keys from the NPC in the starting box, for a total of 5 sets.
    34 - Kill yellow cows on the bottom of the map to obtain 10 leathers, which allows you to use the portals on either side of the map to teleport to the top of the map where you can kill purple cows. You need 10 purple leathers to clear the stage. Note* these cows have a super KB attack, which is especially annoying for the purple ones on top. It can be avoided/dodged like normal, as it is a normal attack.
    35 - rest stage
    36 - slowest stage ever. talk to the npc and hit the monsters in the correct order. pattern stays the same for the whole time. starts at 3 and ends at 12. messing up (hitting the wrong mob) at any point makes you restart from scratch with a whole new code.
    37 - kill 100 of each mob in the map
    38 - kill 100 total mobs of what the guy tells you to do. killing the wrong ones at the wrong time does not punish you
    39 - quiz on random aspects of maple. focus on monster life, npc lines, class skills, and more
    40 - scarecrow boss. you deal a fixed 10 dmg to him no matter what. lure him to the fire (background) on the map in order to damage him. kind of an annoying boss fight.
    41 - easy jump quest with max speed/jump
    42 - pineappleing worst stage in the history of anything ever. if RNG doesn't go perfectly correctly your entire run is pineappleed and finley will come to kill you and laugh in your stupid dead face
    43 - quiz on things that happened during that current run. if you answer wrong a total of 4 times your run is over.

    Possible 43f questions

    Keep in mind the above spoiler is mostly my guesses and assumptions of what Fleta could possibly ask you about run specific events.

  5. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    As kind of a side-discussion, for the min-maxers, do you guys think the active rings are worth using? Spadow says they have no slots, so they cant have potential. However, some of the active effects are really good. Do you guys think these are competitive and worth giving up a ring slot for?

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    Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    use the buff then instantly replace it then go slap w/e similar to using equips with decent skills

  7. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    except the only remotely useful buffs last for ~10 seconds at the highest level ring. A good amount of that time is going to be used up by switching out your ring.

  8. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    it also ask you question on stage 13 how many certain mob you kill
    it also ask you question on stage 21 how many mob you kill till Boss come

    on stage 43

  9. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    f'uck that it doesn't even keep count for you.

    not like i can even reach 43f with how pineappleing ridiculous 42f is

  10. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    I have more question cuz I been 43 many time
    it ask you

    on stage 1 how many mob you kill? on stage 1 what is the exact dmg you did to enter stage 2
    on stage 2 how many time you fall? on stage 2 did Alicia ever ask you to wait for someone while you you using hint ? answer yes or no
    on stage 3 how many red and blue egg you lost when you enter stage 4
    on stage 4 how many time you fall ? on stage 4 how many balance point you lost?
    on stage 5 what is the total time you have left? on stage 5 how long it took you to reach this floor in sec?
    on stage 6 how many king slime you killed?
    on stage 9 what is the order of certain floor that is the correct portal? on stage 9 how many wrong you got ?

    that just 1-10 there many more I give more later

  11. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    Those questions are worse than the ones from the OX quiz.

  12. Neon Atom Male
    IGN: TidusAiYuna
    Server: BelloNova
    Level: 204
    Job: Drk
    Guild: Minah<3
    Alliance: Tiffany<3
    Farm: Hyuna<3

    Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

  13. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    This content is nuts.

    In any case, thanks to those contributing.

  14. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    you think stage 21 question is hard... try stage 11 question ... I just got today.... it ask me how many black flower golem I kill? .... try that question for a chance if you get question 11 it auto fail if you don't know how many black flower golem u killed..

  15. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    That sounds easier than 21f. You know you kill 300 in total, so the answer is probably somewhere around 150+/-10.

    In general it's looking like these questions are f'ucking stupid and that might be what kills this content for me (if 42f doesn't do it).
    Like, I'd understand questions on stuff you can keep track of.. But these? Come on.

  16. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    Can't you use the Legendary Hunter medal quest to track kill count? iirc if you open the medal tab and look under 'challenges' or something it should have a counter of how many mobs you've killed.

  17. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    More 43f questions:

    - How many oz points did you have when you entered 1f?
    - How many seconds left at 35f?
    - How many white thorny bears did you kill at 13f? (I lost on this one. I think it's 25 after watching blurry footage)

  18. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    Has anyone reach 49 or 50 th floor yet?

    Stage 13 question is really hard.... even if you have a clear video... and also

    stage 13 has 5 summon the first 4 summon always summon 15mob of each color
    the last stage is the hardest it summon 4 color of random number each of a total 25....

  19. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    Still haven't passed 43f. Being back in school is going to make it a lot more difficult for me to find an hour and a half to focus on an Oz run.
    Speaking of, I found out last night that there are gaps at the end of 42f. I managed to clear it perfectly (if I didn't fall I would have been on 43f before the notice for Finley even showed up), but ended up failing because I fell twice. In the same damn spot. At least I know where the gaps are now.

    I've started recording all my runs on an external HD on the off chance I make it to 43f again. I really want the medal for 45f :(

    What's 44f btw @Question;? I can't find any info on that (or 46f for that matter).


    special thanks to andy22/cb000 on basil for this:

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  20. Default Re: [GMS] Tower Of Oz Guide

    Does anyone @Question; cough) know where the f'ucking traps are at the end of 42f? I keep getting flung back in a spot this video clearly shows the person walking over. Pissing me off. I've cleared 42f six times now and I can't make it past the last part for some reason.



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