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  1. Default Princess No Expedition

    Managed to grab a key and went with my Bowmaster friend.

    1st stage: Kill a bunch of mobs, and then deal with the Whale Security Guard who loves to teleport you around the map. The map is more vertical than horizontal, so it's even more frustrating compared to the roleplay dungeon.

    Oh, and you deal fixed damage on it.

    2nd stage: Kill a bunch of mobs while dealing fixed damage. If your class matches the type of mobs, then you'll do 10x more (10 vs. 100). I recommend bringing one of each class to finish this stage quickly, or just bring 6 Phantoms and use Milles on everything.

    The boss in this stage was kind of a pushover since we were able to keep it completely KB'd with Blaster and Soul Seeker.

    3rd stage: Can't remember, but there were a lot of flying eels who died eventually (don't know why, I think it had to do with the runes scattered around the room) and a pushover boss with quite a bit of HP and some annoying Invincibility frames.

    4th stage: More mobs (I think you deal regular damage) and a boss who only stays at the top level. I recommend bringing classes that can hit from the bottom platform (Bowmaster with Blaster and Angelic Buster with Soul Seeker dealt with this easily). Don't know what he's capable of since we stayed out of range for the whole fight.

    5th stage: Princess No. We got her down to about 2/3rds but ran out of time.

    At the beginning, she summoned some mobs who you can only deal fixed damage too (she did this twice). After that, she summoned eels and some more runes around the room.

    I think she was healing at that point? Was kind of focused on trying to kill her, didn't really pay attention.


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    Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    fixed dmg ey ? so all my funding is meaningless ? ggwp nexon

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    Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    Also not you get a skill after you DO THE 5 planet quest.
    It's in your beginner tab. I suggest using this on the mobs

    Green= archer
    blue = mage
    red= warrior
    purple = thief

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    The spearman boss is really annoying... he kept using his 1hit ko attack as soon as we get in the room...

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    Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    Had a party with a Drk/Phantom/Shade/Hero/Bishop and killed it with about 17 minutes left on the clock without any real issues.

    I can see weaker players having problems with it, though.

    Also, I heard for the 3rd stage, the quicker you get rid of the eels, the easier the boss or mobs in the next room are?
    Dunno for sure.

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    the fix damage 'seems' to be glitch; i only say this because several times, i could do 'full' damage on pink whale, and the 6 mobs, in ithe roleplay expedition. not the entire fight... for one or two strikes, then, only 10s. inconsistant

  7. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    You're supposed to deal full damage to the whale, you only deal fixed damage in alter ego. Fixed damage on mobs because well, that's how they designed it. Like the way you have the 5 planets skill if you kill according to the right job type, you will deal 100 damage whereas if you were the wrong job you only deal 10s. The alter ego roleplay has nothing to do with the actual expedition in this thread though other than providing keys.

  8. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    @ultimax21; i tried to SS but i only did 3 attacks of full damage, on whale, before 10s... otherwise i would agree its on purpose.

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    ^ i take back my previous comment about fixed damage. also, i got the key today!!!

    are you; the party leader; archer class? cuz the "4th stage?" boss i fought was a warrior, and i'm a kaiser.

    my duo only tried one time; but we were unable to do enough damage before he would map-wide crash, killl us, AND heal.
    i tried wing beat across the room; and he seemed to be stuck in KB-stun; until he stance-map-crash.
    i can stand on the portal and range him also; but, ducking out of the room, his very next attack is always map-crash.

    suggestions for beating the warrior/spear type 4th boss

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    The spear guy spawns after those eel things? You need to protect the orbs from the eels apparently. The more orbs you defend, the less damage he deals.
    Front page of Basil actually has useful stuff sometimes

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    Yeah, party leader was my friend (the Bowmaster).

  12. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    Not sure about the spearguy, but he couldn't even kill us. Our party went really fast though, it only took a few hyper attacks to bombard the map and wipe out the mobs. I think the faster you kill the mobs the weaker the spear guy actually is? You can't attack him for a very long time anyways.

  13. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    so the 4th stage boss depends on who leads the party.... sux to be warrior T_T. but when i go to cwkpq im a MAGE!!!

  14. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    no loss of exp; not even 1%s. i died a lot!

  15. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    Alright, thanks!

  16. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    Perhaps its probably me and my rage skill on phantom that I used in there but, it seemed like everyone or almost everyone in my party got 1shotted by the spearguy if you failed to kill all eels fast. Personally, he only did less than half my hp damage like 17k? Unless having 9999 def/mdef actually helps here too I'm not sure at all, I didn't see a problem. I probably should've casted the buff on them too though lol, I had it on auto from pet.

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    A video of one of my Princess No expedition run.
    These are the things I noticed watching my own runs and other runs
    Stage 1: Defeat the pink whale, it will teleport you to specific places on the map within 1 second of you hitting it.

    Stage 2: Defeat all 5 waves of mobs, first wave is weak to warriors, second wave is weak to mages, third wave is weak to bowman, fourth wave is weak to thief, fifth wave is weak to pirate. Then the boss will appear, nothing special is noticed about this boss yet.

    Stage 3:
    Phase 1: Defeat all monster and defend the statues (Eel magic attack can do up to 20k damage so be careful if you are squishy). Each statue destroyed will increase the boss power.
    The eels are also weak to specific classes.
    Bottom-left eels are weak to warriors, bottom-right eels are weak to thief, top-right eels is weak to pirate, top-left is weak to mage, middle is weak to archer. This phase will end after 1 minute.
    Phase 2: All eels/statue will instantly die, and the boss will step in to fight.
    Him at his weakest deal around 5k damage.
    3 Statue destroyed will allow him to deal up to 12k damage.

    Stage 4: Defeat Miroku. In a unrecorded run, he seem to have used a skill that requires charging which put a bar on his head that fills up.

    Stage 5: Defeat Princess No, 200 billion HP, use the planet skills you gotten from the pre-quest here.
    ---Phase 1: 5 trigrams will be on each platform, serving no purpose but to slightly annoy you. Touching the trigram of seal will seal you. Touching the trigram of poison will poison you. Touching the trigram of doom will also poison you, but with a different animation.
    -her normal attacks will deal around 10k damage
    -When she summon 5 mobs (each one is weak to a class), she will heal about 1% hp every 5 seconds and is invulnerable until they are killed.
    -She has attack where she leap into the air and smash the ground, it will do 50% of your hp as damage.
    Phase 2: (75% health): She will summoned mobs that will attack the two purple trigrams and teleports to the top platform. (No clue what will happen if they are both destroyed)
    Phase 3: (50% health): She will teleport to the bottom platform, and 5 trigrams will re-appear, one on each platform. She gain new attacks that require charging for 3 seconds.

    -Life Draining cage trap: Trap a party member in a cage, which will OHKO if not freed in time, thankfully it take normal damage unlike the one used by hard mode Hilla. Can be resisted by status resistance. (charging bar name is infinite flames)
    -Damage Reflection : Deals around 3k damage
    -Blossom Storm: Essentially 1-1, reduce your hp and mp to 1 (the charging bar name is still in korean, and flashes her face on your screen when she start charging)

    Fun fact: Warrior planet skill has a damage cap at 100 mil per hit, despite saying it will hit a boss for 5% of the boss remaining health.
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  18. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    Any point to even try this?

    My wife wants the damage skin but before I do the prereqs, I'd thought I'd check if a lvl 207 NL an lvl 201 DrK have any chance on finishing.

    I don't even remember the range on my NL but it is probably around 1m. The DrK's range is much lower.

  19. Default Re: Princess No Expedition

    Take me on a run :(
    - ForeverLuvMC



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