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  1. Default Stuck on Cinematic?

    So I completed the initial quests for the Momojika storyline, and entered the portal to take me inside of the temple. I was met with an admittedly nice cinematic, but now...

    Images of problem

    I seem to be stuck on this scene, watching clouds glide past the window. The music's nice and everything, but is there something I am missing? Do I need to click something, or am I stuck here forever?

  2. Default Re: Stuck on Cinematic?

    restart your computer

  3. Default Re: Stuck on Cinematic?

    any scene involving movement can become broken if your character's movement speed is over a certain amount, you move too far for it to trigger the next dialogue, which, for whatever reason, is built around a system involving it detecting where your character is on the map, rather than it simply doing it on a step by step basis.

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    I removed everything that made my speed over the norm. Removed pets, and equips with animations. Also made sure that my drivers are up to date, which they are. Still no go.

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    You might try changing your screen resolution to something smaller. It will force it to render a little differently.



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