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    Default School idol festival

    since the english version was released 1 month ago(along with taiwanese and korean version)... żis anyone playing this?

    It's a ios/android Rhythm/Card collecting game, all the songlist is unlockable for free, sadly the cards aren't...

    oficial site:

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    Haha, I was thinking of starting a thread about it myself. I've been playing it since it came out, it's pretty fun. I like how they give away a lot of free love gems over time, so you can save them up for the 11 honor scouting. They have event songs basically every other week, so its not too hard getting a couple SR cards (UR on the other hand....). I only wish I could expand my friend with gems. It seems people spend ~15-25 love gems to get in top 200/1000 for the extra SR or 2, which seems worth it when the 11 honor scouting for 50 gems gives you 1 SR. Its easy enough to get a full team of rares without paying (Since there is a 5% chance from regular scouting and song clear rewards).

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    Some things for people that are thinking of trying it out:

    1. Choose Honaka, she has the highest smile for the starter choices.
    2. Save your love gems. You will get 3 free a day for the first 10 days. Save them because you can easily get another 20 while playing the game for the honor scouting. Only scout 11 at a time and during SR events.
    3. Try to grab the event SR cards if you can, it is worth it to spend 15 gems for top 1000 and an extra SR or 25-30 for top 200. Only do this if you can get an SA or higher on the event song (S score A combo).
    4. If you have the time, save all your event points for the last day when the song is 2x gold and spam it.
    5. You will reach a point when you don't really need normal cards (your R/SR/UR team is max leveled). In that case, Idolize and max bond and level the cards for the album rewards.

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  3. Polar Bear Gay Male
    IGN: danielcatu
    Server: yellonde
    Level: 121
    Job: Wind Archer
    Guild: Vendetta
    Farm: 765pro

    Default Re: School idol festival

    pretty much back then on japanese server nozomi was my starter, I'm currently something like rank 106 there(also kinda mad because they've cut the exp curve there... )

    I've only participated for 2nd card in 1 event(its my currently southperry avatar) and 3rd card for nozomi's score match in japanese server

    on english server I'm going for eli's second card(but I think I'll keep them unidolized for some time) because I need those cards for a boost on nozomi event! I'm going for 3rd card this time because I really love that card and anonegambare is my favourite love live song

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    I was looking over the event cards, the first few are not too great stat wise, the best (stat and appearance) are the score match ones, so I'll probably save up for those. Then again, seeing how hard core some of the players on reddit are I probably won't get too far in those either, just enough for the 2 SR cards at least. The top player for this even bought 200 love gems to be in first....



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