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Thread: [In Progress] Hot Day: 8/9

  1. Default Hot Day: 8/9

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    Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    1/10 Lame stuff.

    My Kanna will probably get the box though.

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    Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    One-day expiry items and a chance to receive nothing. Woo.

  4. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    Thanks to my android, that merchant's useless, and storage is meh. I really doubt I'll get a coupon or weapon box, so this hot day isn't appealing at all.

  5. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    This is a serious contender for the worst Hot Day that the game's ever seen.

  6. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    Wow that's a terrible Hot Day.

  7. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    Meh, the portable storage will make my Empress runs slightly more convenient at least.

  8. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    Seriously, Nexon: if you don't want to give out worthwhile stuff - which is your right - just don't have a Hot Day.
    What's the point of this crap?

  9. Trump minus th money
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    Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    panem et circenses

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    Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    Meh, at least next weeks is a lot better.

  11. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    Wow. That is the worst hot day I have ever seen. The "chance" will be ridiculously low as usual too ._.

  12. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    I don't see why they don't give out Hot Summer Coins on these Hot Days =|

  13. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    You'd think if they want to combat mule hoppers and abusers, they'd make better failsafes and adjustments rather than making Hot Day not worth trying, even if it's free

  14. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    I sure hope the odds are better than last time... don't want this to be yet another disappointing Hot Day for most of us.

  15. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    I was a little bummed that I might not have been able to get this hot time since my internet is shot.

    But when I saw all of the nothing it had in it, I felt better :]

  16. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    I feel that the chance would go like this:
    0.001% chance to get Fafnir Box --> 99% for the wrong class
    0.000001% chance to get Tyrant Box --> 99.9999% for the wrong class
    To finish this: WORST.HOT.DAY.EVER.

    Nexon, at least give some 2x exp and drop event

  17. Default Re: Hot Day: 8/9

    Because they can't have people getting decent amounts of coins! There are too many good rewards in the shop! And they have to be given by chance and not guarantee!

    OT: Yeah, I agree that this Hot Time sucks, but I could swear we've had worse in the past.



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