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  1. Default Can't connect to maplestory servers

    So as of this morning, for some reason I cannot connect to the maplestory servers in any form. Neither the website or the game itself works.
    Loading up the game results in this:

    I've tried a traceroute on the website and it immediately drops with this:

    I've tried flushing my DNS, resetting my network adapter and computer entirely, i've tried using the winsh socket reset command, and nothing is working. Is this some sort of ban from my ISP? Literally everything else internet related is working fine, it's just maplestory that refuses to connect.

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    Default Re: Can't connect to maplestory servers

    try changing your DNS temporarily to
    or 2001:4860:4860::8888 if you somehow have IPv6
    post results

  3. Default Re: Can't connect to maplestory servers

    After coming home from work it appears to have simply resolved itself. *shrug* If it happens again I'll try out what you suggested.



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