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  1. Default perioncorner is down

    And I need item sprites (like drops and other stuff) so if anyone could extract them and put a download link it would be a huge help.

  2. Default Re: perioncorner is down

    Site is up for me?

  3. Default Re: perioncorner is down

    Are there any specific sprites you need? I can get the images of some of them.

  4. Default Re: perioncorner is down

    It says it down for me.
    Mainly item sprites like consumables, misc, cash, ect...(i would name all the categories but its kinda hard when the site is down)

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    Weird, the site is up no prob for me. It might be because I have a specific DNS put in place that isn't my ISP or something funky like that. I checked a few sites that check site status and they reported the site was down too.


    Can you reach It looks like Maurizio has the same server hosting perioncorner.

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    i clicked the perioncorner on mapleradio but i got the same result.

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    Default Re: perioncorner is down

    The domain expired.
    "Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-08-03 01:59:24Z"

    Zelkova's thingy probably hasn't updated yet (it can take up to 24~72 hours).

    Since Zelkova mentioned it's hosted on the same servers, could this be it?
    It has a db config issue right now. So I can't tell if this is the proper one or this was just a testbed for the actual site.

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    then i have to wait for someone to send me the item sprites.

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    Couldn't you just use mapleme or bannedstory instead? They all do (relatively) the same thing anyway don't they?

  10. Default Re: perioncorner is down

    the items I'm looking for are consumables, drops, alchemy related, cash items..ect Mapleme and bannedstory are only for character making.

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    Default Re: perioncorner is down

    small hint for you.
    MapleMe, the old abandoned maple radio, and perion corner are all hosted on the same IP address (

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    Not quite sure why the domain expired, as I was not in control of domains.

    Also regarding consumables and such, Perion Corner is extremely out dated and I had no plans to attempt to update it. The original tool I was given which did the work for updating has long been unable to read the WZ files. (Similar to what happened to MapleMe until Locked offered to help me out)

    Maybe I could expand the MapleMe site to have an item database with all of the images that they have? It wouldn't be as extensive as Perion Corner was but it would give access to some more images that I currently am able to get.

    EDIT: If the MapleMe domain does poof for whatever reason (I don't know if this is still being maintained) then I'll host it personally somewhere.

  13. Default Re: perioncorner is down

    When I need a specific sprite that isn't on bannedstory, I'll go to basilmarket (or extractions here) and save the image to my own computer and do what I need with it in photoshop.



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