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  1. Default How to solo hilla?

    Currently with a range of ~700k and 142% boss 81% PDR with solo buffs and
    nearly 1m range with some pot/event buffs

    Tried it earlier today and I just couldn't do it because of that cage of death
    Bringing my sister didn't help because to free me takes way too many hits
    then there's the glitch where if I final pact death while in the cage, the cage actually stays even after I revive =_=
    is there some trick to freeing the player in the cage or do I just need more people?

  2. Default Re: How to solo hilla?

    Status Resistance works against the cage, that's the easiest way to beat her.

  3. Default Re: How to solo hilla?

    What are my options for raising it?

    Currently at 37% without DS card which can give me another 3%
    Will power still at 60

  4. Default Re: How to solo hilla?

    Status Resistance potion gives either 20% or 30%, I can't remember
    Max Willpower gives 20%
    Link Skills from the three available Cygnus Knights give 15%

  5. Default Re: How to solo hilla?

    Must be new, I haven't kept up with her at all but the earlier days 100% status resistance will not save you from the cage attacks. Then again, recently I tried I rarely see her use it at all compared to the old days.

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    Default Re: How to solo hilla?

    It's relatively new. CPB got changed too.



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