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  1. Default Xenon can't go to heliseum?

    I'm trying to get into Heliseum on my xenon to grind there, but after accepting the lv 90 lightbulb quest, it still won't let me through the portal to Heliseum. Is this a glitch for xenon like it is for a few other classes?

  2. Default Re: Xenon can't go to heliseum?

    Yeah, Xenon doesn't get the "To Pantheon" quest at level 90 to start the Heliseum Reclamation questline. He also doesn't get the quest to join the Maple Alliance at level 75, so those two things might be related.

    The quest you do get is the Easy Mode Magnus quest, which serves as a subtle hint that Xenons are definitely missing the other quest. There's a thread for it on the Nexon Forums, you might as well post in it to try and help grab Nexon's attention about this.

    Here's the thread, if you wanna add yourself to the list: [QUEST ISSUE] Xenon: Unable to receive "To Pantheon" quest at level 90



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