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Thread: [Khaini] R> Horntail pq Khaini!

  1. Thumbs up R> Horntail pq Khaini!

    I've already found two other people (3/6), and I am working on completeing the prequest to the pq on my mule (4/6)!

    I want to do it tonight, but I am okay with doing it tomorrow!

    Add StoriedHero to buddy list if interested! (Might be on my mule right now, so also add InvaderGI)

  2. Default Re: R> Horntail pq Khaini!

    Filled up, you can still BL me if you want, I can put you on like a waiting list or something if no one shows up.

    We'll probably be doing the run tomorrow 11pm-1am eastern, around that time.



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