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    Has anybody tried this game out yet? I just bought it and am looking forward to playing it! It really looks like they focused on the flaws WoW has to make an even better game!

    And the housing system is absolutely perfect.

    Thoughts, questions?

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    What's the point of focusing on WoW flaws if they can't get some of the things only WoW did/does right?
    Watched a stream for a couple minutes and lost interest, what features does it have that make it "an even better game"?

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    The game is solely for the hardcore players. If you liked Vanilla WoW and the super attunement system from Vanilla and TBC, you're golden.

    PvP is flat out terrible. Leveling is just like Vanilla WoW and rather grindy.

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    Non-clunky combat system, bosses that are fun and really challenging, housing system, paths, etc etc
    Sure is grindy though, as Dark Link pointed out. And i heard good and bad things about the PvP, but I'm kind of a PVE only guy so I didn't really pay attention.

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    F`uck this game, wildsh`it is an abomination, I have never hated a game so much, it set off blade and soul for ANOTHER year and a half because they thought americans would prefer "toons" aka ratchet and clank skins on world of warcraft, over the elegance, fluidity and unique gameplay that B&S offers. Ncsoft are a bunch of idiots, and whoever developed this idea, I can't wait until this game goes into the abyss where it ends up on lists that maplestory is on, slowly watching his "dream" die, his very project crumble as, again, like most world of warcraft rip offs, ends up with an extremely small community of nostalgic clinging boneheads.


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    It's hard to tell if the bosses are hard / challenging right now due to the attunement system being the killer right now. 40mans are bugged / broken to high hell and are currently unkillable and impossible at the moment.

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    i played it on and off for the 30 day sub. It was ok i guess. I played it mainly for the Aurins.

    sub games put me off though because i only play casually do i never feel like i get my moneys worth.



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