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  1. Default Think nexon will do anything about this? (compensation question)

    I know it's been a while, but I recently sent my ticket again.

    Back in November of last year, Nexon retired the NX mount covers from the cs, and were selling perm versions before they left. I bought 3 for different characters.

    After the equip UI update in the first red patch, my mount covers were gone, and I can only use the pig now.

    First ticket I sent, they shushed me away saying they'd do something about it in an upcoming patch. Weirdest thing is that they don't show up in my NX purchase history. Maybe because I bought them before the cash shop revamp?

    That was in December. Realistically I can't get them back because they would have to make a new equip UI again and add back in the mounts and saddles, right? Do you think they would compensate the NX for it?

  2. Default Re: Think nexon will do anything about this? (compensation question)

    If it doesn't show up in the history I doubt it



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