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    I can kill normal mode gollux and normal root abyss bosses on my Kaiser, but I don't think I can kill anything stronger than that. Bearing that in mind:

    1. What kind of endgame gear should I be trying to get for my Kaiser?
    2. What should I be doing to make money to buy that endgame gear?
    3. How should I scroll said gear?
    4. How do I farm cubes for said gear?

    I'm not really looking for an overnight solution (but that would be nice if there is one), but rather steps I should be taking on a daily basis to make my character better.

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    1. CRA Set, Tyrants, Reinforced/Superior Gollux stuff, Sweetwater Glasses/Tattoo, two other rings (one of those will probably be a Solid Gollux Ring), and a Heart of some sort (Superior Lidium?), I guess. If you're going mega-funded endgame, then go for a Lightning God Ring.

    2. Do solo Commerci voyages for Denaro to buy Tattoos/Glasses (those have been rising in price recently, at least in Broa), and party voyages for the other Sweetwater equipment. Armour is much more expensive compared to weapons.

    Also farm Gollux, and decide whether you want to buy the Superior/Reinforced Ring and Earrings now and save them for later, or sell them and jumpstart your own funds. People rarely buy Advanced Gollux Service these days, so you could maybe try that.

    Tower of Oz is pretty nice too. Sell the 1.2k point Stupid Pills to other people.

    3. Incredible/Chaos Scrolls of Goodness or whatever ridiculous thing the next anniversary gives out (like the 9th Anniversary +10 all stat armour/accessory scrolls) for pretty much everything except your Reinforced/Superior Gollux items and your weapon, and I guess a Heart.

    If you're patient, then wait around for 5-Star Enhancements to come back and drop those on your Tyrants first, before doing any additional stars.

    Advanced Gollux Scrolls for the Reinforced/Superior stuff, and the best scrolling you can find for your weapon (I guess Spell Traces right now? If I recall correctly, the 15% Spell Trace Enhancement for Fafnir equipment gives +9 attack).

    4. Always Epic/Unique Potential Scroll your items before scrolling. It's pointless to try to cube up from Rare.

    Look around for the special veins
    that look like this,
    they sometimes drop Master Craftsman Cubes.

    You could always take up Smithing and become a Meister, so you can make Meister Cubes (and possibly use the Cubic/Chaos Cubic Blades you come across during Commerci Voyages/harvesting Legendary Veins/Herbs).

    And last but obviously not least, getting NX (in whatever way you choose) to buy Cubes from the Cash Shop.

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    Thanks for answering my question pretty comprehensively.

    If the only concern on rings is something with potential side from those two, I have an unleashed, tempest, and the kaiser ring. I have a beryl heart which is fairly decently scrolled, but I assume a superior lidum heart is also perm and can have better potential. The main thing giving me heartburn is the CRA set, since I'm pretty sure as a Kaiser I need the ryude sword eventually. Should I get the CRA set anyway even if I'm only gonna wear three pieces of it?

    Also, should I be doing anything on multiple characters? My other characters are going to be a good bit weaker, but I still have two other high level characters if that somehow circumvents lockouts in a meaningful way.

  4. Default Re: Endgame Progression

    Reinforced/Superior Rings are very strong when scrolled with the Advanced Gollux Scrolls, so I'm recommending that you at least get those two. Solid Ring could probably be replaced by one of your current rings, and LGR gives a pretty hefty Attack buff (16 attack? I don't remember) when equipped.

    Beryl Heart should last you for quite a while. The Heart is probably one of the last things you should upgrade to, since the Superior Lidium Heart only came from the most recent Marvel, so they're most likely very low in supply. But yeah, Superior Lidium Heart is level 80 (3rd tier potential) compared to a Beryl Heart (level 30), so it will have much better potential.

    Ryude's Sword works on Wingbeat, so I guess you'll want to get it eventually. You'll be missing out on 50% Boss (30% from set, 30% from the weapon but Ryude's has 10% itself), but higher %Boss gives diminishing returns. 3-set CRA still gives 50 attack, so it's still a nice boost.

    Plus, CRA has top+pants, while other high level sets only offer an overall.

    If your characters are strong enough to at least do the first location of solo voyages, then you could farm Denaro on those as well. Same with Easy Gollux.



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