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  1. Default Best wand to perfect?

    Jesus. Most profitable/desired wand to perfect?

  2. Default Re: Best wand to perfect?

    I know it was probably a dumb question to most but I haven't played in awhile and I wasn't sure if mages preferred a different type of wand

  3. Default Re: Best wand to perfect?

    Fafnir is endgame for now until the 160 stuff is released in KMS in September then we have to wait several months before we get it.

  4. Default Re: Best wand to perfect?

    There's no reason to scroll a Wand since its Staff counterpart will always be more desirable and more useful overall.

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    Default Re: Best wand to perfect?

    Also, if you haven't played for a while, make sure you know what "perfect" means nowadays.

    I believe that, since last anniversary, it means +10 m.att per slot?



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