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    I was looking for a price check on a clean (no scrolling) set of cRA for warriors, I saw that the weapon went for about 112-120m, can anyone tell me what the each piece of the rest of the set goes for?

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    Tops are generally the cheapest going from about 10m- for a good deal, and ~20m for a decent price. I got my hat a couple weeks ago for 170m and it looked like pants were ~200m, but it seems those two have inflated quite a bit in the last week or two. Maybe because of Zero's return or something.

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    It sucks trying to gear a paladin with all these other DPS warriors inflating my gear. :(

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    Tell me about it. I love my Hayato sososososo much but if I ever wanna get anywhere I'm going to have to pay out the yazoo for just about everything. Luckily my love for the class is unwavering and I'm still going strong.

    If you want I can toss you a free top since I bought a bunch of 'em to chaos around a bit and wound up with a bit of an excess.

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    I would happily take anything you have left over that you don't need. Even if you feel that it's garbage that's fine because i have an innocence scroll left over.
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