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  1. Default So I watched "Wanted"

    The plot is insignificant to the questions it poses, unfortunately. However, I did find the movie somewhat enjoyable if only for its action sequences and Angelina Jolie.

    Did you guys see it? What do you think?

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    *slams Paul in the face with a keyboard*

    Ok, now seriously...the movie was like Crank. The plot lacked, but the action made up for everything. The first scene (the "weeeeeeeee!" jump) and the ending completely destroyed any chance that this stuff could have been remotely realistic, but yeah...was still good.

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    I havent seen it yet but i dont think i want to till i see here what my friends think of it. No point going to a crappy movie.

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    The backstory to the plot itself is laughable. However, it filled its role as a comedy action thriller. I would recommend it unless you hate unrealism and action.

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    Really, I thought it was amazing. It had some really freaking sweet action scenes, and the story was sorta intresting from my point. And plus, Jolie made everything just that much better. Overall, I thought it was a very good movie. Then again... I think most movies are good. x_x

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    Fiel's brother is violent. ;[

    Anyway, I feel kinda wierd saying it but, I'd watch this for angelina too. She's been in some quite interesting action movies. Favourite would have to be mr + mrs smith.

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    That movie just made me want to shoot someone.. I mean it have a curvey shot! iwas like
    " I WANNA DO THAT!!11!!!"

    Ionno. I didn't get the movie all that much, and i thought the action was pretty good...

    Proably doesn't help that i watched it on a bootleg =/

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    I've wanted to check out it. Now that the action scenes are gratified I guess I'll have to get my girlfriend to come see it with me.

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    Saw it with my fiance. We were planning to watch Wall-E, but she changed her mind last minute and we watch Wanted instead.

    Again, the story could have used a remodeling, but the action was good. Angelina looks better in this movie than she did in Beowulf, that's for sure. >_>

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    I liked the movie. I like Angelina Jolie.

    I know i can't give away the ending, but the ending really really really really really bugs me.

    I got left with the feeling like "damned if you do, damned if you don't"...and that's just really not fair.

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    There are two things which are entirely overused in modern movies that greatly annoy me:
    1. Shaky cameras. I understand it's supposed to add suspense, but it doesn't. It's just annoying and you can't see what's going on at all. Just because it worked for Blair Witch doesn't mean every single movie made since then has to use it too.
    2. Matrix/Crouching Tiger moves. Once again, it's not a concept you can just build a movie around, and that's what this movie felt like to me. The plot was an excuse to use matrix style action scenes, and frankly that was extremely annoying.

    That's not to say the entire movie was not enjoyable; I loved the part where he flipped over the Limo and was like, "I'm Sorry!" XD

    Still, If I had known it before I went to the movie theater, I wouldn't have gone.

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    i kinda liked the whole last scene, his little speech/shot was pretty cool imo, and i definitely loved the last line, perfect way to end it lol



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