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  1. Default Keep playing Kaiser?

    I originally made my Kaiser because of a few features it had that made it seem enticing:

    • small reliance on potions
    • status resist
    • crit chance
    • high attacks per second
    • good % per second
    • high mobility

    After having committed to my Kaiser, however, I'm still unable to do most of the endgame content I might have been able to do, but I find myself irritated by Kaiser's drawbacks:

    • does not have 100% stance
    • needs si/inner ability/etc to attack speed cap
    • poor mobbing
    • awkwardness when trying to move and attack
    • relies on wingbeat for good damage
    • low damage per line

    Are there any other classes that have most or all of the same benefits as Kaiser without some of those drawbacks?

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    Well I guess I can state the obvious, Paladin. The only downside about this class is the mobility. You still got rush, one thats better than the one kaiser has & amazing survivability on top of that. You have the option to wear 1h sword if you really want to hit attack speed easily and charging up blast shouldnt be annoying once you get used to it. I guess it might not look that appealing as its getting nerfed in the future, but I dont know what else to say, I could make a wall of text for about Xenon. But moving class is one thing, moving to a different type of class (warrior -> thief) would mean you have to restart too many things.

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    I honestly don't mind moving job types that much. Honestly, moving to anything from my Kaiser is going to hurt me for the foreseeable future. Because of that, my plan is to level up something else I may like better, then not make a judgment call which one to play until I see 5th job. The only couple of things I'll say is that the mobility is very important, as that's an issue I have with my Kaiser (meaning I really don't want anything worse than Kaiser in terms of mobility), and the only two classes I can't stand playing are Angelic Buster and Xenon.

    Also, to clarify the potion dependency part, the only class I really had problems with in terms of feeling squishy was my mechanic. Even there, I was fine up until I got to crockies, at which point I was taking too much damage to avoid using potions as a result of my poor defenses and limited mobility. Really, it's a minor issue so long as I can sustain myself everywhere but party play areas and bosses using a mutant snail.

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    Before I make a suggestion list, do you really need to have 100% stance? I mean level a mihile if you really need it for situations like queens hearth phase and vellum poison attack, its totally worth sacrificing some damage for it, on top of that your class might love buff duration, so you might have it all the time (at least drk would).
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    Yeah, that's a definite dealbreaker. I already have a 120+ mihile I'm planning on deleting the instant I need character slots, both because I hate having a link skill that doesn't have 100% uptime, and because I hate spending a link skill slot on a stance bonus. Not to mention one of my biggest pet peeves with my Kaiser is walking around with 80% stance only to get knocked off of something by bumping into a mob.

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    The only two classes I could see fitting your playstyle then is Demon Slayer & Demon Avenger. There is no other class that has 100% stance, good mobbing skills & high status resistance aswell. Only issue I could see with DS is the attacking speed, but that will get buffed in the near future. Do you think either one of them would fit you?

    Soul master is still a thing aswell, but its very unpractical.
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    Demon Slayer might honestly be a really good call. The class I was looking at mostly as a possible substitute was a dual blade. I know they don't have 100% stance, but in my experience they were pretty playable anyway because of their dodge chance. Could you elaborate a little on the attacking speed buff you mentioned?

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    Actually forgot that the Demon impact attack speed buff already arrived GMS. It used to be like 1320ms before booster etc and now its 990 ms, which is a big improvement. Dual bladers struggle from low status resistance without leveling willpower, so that will not suit your list. But if you can live without stance Luminous would be another great option. The dodge chance from dual bladers are useless at very end game bosses.

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    Not hitting the speed cap isn't a drawback. Cannoneers can't hit speed cap and no one except morons complain because the base speed of their skills is relatively ok and their mobility more than makes up for it.

    Kaiser base speed is 3x faster than both cannoneer attack options and are stronger, too.

    Low damage per line? Compared to what???? Your neighbor who can hit 15x that? That's not a drawback, it's just the result of not investing into the game very heavily. Kaisers also have literally the highest hits per second in the game or at least among the highest if you don't have the ryude sword.

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    It's not a viability thing, it's an OCD thing. It bugs me every time that I look at my legendary inner potential that I don't have the extra attack speed level that would put my Kaiser at cap, even if that's only better at a damage cap I'm never going to reach.

    Really, I just want something I can play that I'll enjoy and I know can do virtually all endgame content if I ever miraculously start hitting for max damage.

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    Just play a zero. They never get nerfed, are OP as you could ever need, are easy to fund due to the weapon system, have complex gameplay and high control requirement, and are available to create right now.

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    I thought the swapping mechanic was pretty annoying when I last played one, but I'm planning on getting one to 200 anyway for the card and the 3 200 card set bonus. I may stick to it if they grown on me, but so far I haven't enjoyed it much.

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    The only other option is flavor of the month classes, which is currently shade. He will get the same treatment your kaiser did. Enticing at first, but when you invest into it he will be nerfed/the drawbacks will probably become unbearable.

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    Default Re: Keep playing Kaiser?

    That pomegranate "class" never got nerfed, and I don't get why people (in gms at least) like it, but whatever.

    Also on topic I would keep playing Kaiser it has great mobbing after the "star force" update, along with the nice survivability it already has.
    I would just invest in "Rude" sword if I were you, for much greater damage overall (1>2 hits on wingbeat), which would make the % go up by alot.

    Overall Kaiser's greatness overcomes the cons, along with the buffs later on which will make the cons a bit less noticeable *cough* sword strike in transform *cough*, about the stance part though maybe you should invest in a Mikhail link skill it can help when your gauge is low, or you could use the command or w/e it is called in gms for faster gauge charging.

    Demon slayer is pretty good as well especially after the "Insult to injury buff", and it has everything you're looking for, I'll say give DS a try.

    Even though in the end I would say Kaiser is much better with all the changes it's going to get and such, and I wouldn't exactly say that thier damage is low :P.

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    Kaiser is god class why would you quit it :3

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    I'm still enjoying my Kaiser to this day. As for Mihile's link skill, why not get a mechanic to level 100 for the +15% buff duration card? I find I can use Mihile's stance, then use Echo and then Majesty to reset their cooldowns; the cooldown of Majesty would end before the Mihile buff would even run out, allowing you to use it again and use Majesty to reset it again.

    As for attack speed, try getting some green potions from the MPE bosses at the very least as those are easy to obtain. I can see SI gloves and the +1 attack speed line from Aswan being troublesome but it's very worth it in the end.

    As for damage, they're not really lacking much anymore, especially after this buff we received. 280% damage per hit of Gigas is nothing to scoff at and Sword Strike was buffed significantly; when training on a big map, it's not a bad idea to switch between Sword Strike and Barrage (for example, you would use Barrage and while it was still under the delay, throw in a Sword Strike and then use Barrage to keep moving and repeat this process.) and his mobbing is good as well when transfigured too. Kaiser's are still great bossers while Wing Beat just makes our dps that much better; the most optimal use of Wing Beat would be to throw one, then attack once or twice with Gigas or another move while Wing Beat was under delay and then throw another and repeat the process until 3 were out at once. After the 3 Wing Beats are out you would keep attacking with Gigas or your move of preference until the Wing Beats would start disappearing and you would repeat the Wing Beat process.

    Oh, and status resist (I currently have 99% resist ) and DR ignore are blessings. I've mained most of the warrior classes except Hero and Pally and I find I like Kaiser the best of all of them. Demon Slayers have DR ignore for a short amount of time while maintaining the status resist Kaiser has but I can't say much for it outside of that even though I mained it at one point. Dark Knights aren't bad and they have some fairly good dps and can ignore DR for a while after a death but it has a rather large cooldown so you can't really take advantage of it all that much and their status resist is rather lacking.

    Well, I hope that helps. Kaiser is far from lacking though and I find the system gives it some variety rather than simply using one attack over and over.

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    I have a mechanic, actually. The only thing I didn't know is that majesty reset the cooldown on Mihile's link skill. Now my only problem is that I need to free up another link buff for my Kaiser. Now that you pointed that out, though, I think I'll stick with my Kaiser for the forseeable future. Even if I liquidated him, he's got enough untradeable stuff on him that my other characters would just be worse anyway.
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