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  1. Neon Atom Male
    IGN: TidusAiYuna
    Server: BelloNova
    Level: 204
    Job: Drk
    Guild: Minah<3
    Alliance: Tiffany<3
    Farm: Hyuna<3

    Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    gg i would settle with unique till honor exp was more farmable

  2. Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    i spent 95k to get epic!

  3. Water Straight Male
    IGN: Pybo
    Server: Scania
    Level: 211
    Job: Shade
    Guild: Reconcile
    Alliance: Intersection
    Farm: Mordor

    Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    I can't even reset my IA.... The game just freezes

  4. Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    Likewise. The hell did nexon break this time?

  5. Neon Atom Gay Male
    IGN: Zsadistangel
    Server: Bera
    Level: 250
    Job: Mercedes
    Guild: Emcy
    Alliance: Dream

    Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    It's glitched >.> my chara was stuck relogging will fix it

  6. Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    Nah, I mean, I get an error that says FAILED TO RECONFIGURE ABILITY or somethin' and then the game crashes

  7. Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    I get the same error, and but my game doesn't crash or get stuck, but literally only the move and jump keys work until I relog. When I do relog, my inner potentials didn't/don't change. Nexon broked it.
    On a related note: 25k to get here now it costs me nearly 9k to reroll my remaining 2 lines, since I don't believe legendary is possible w/o spending at the cash shop.

  8. Default Re: Inner Ability Fail

    Legendary is entirely possible with just Honor experience (check the Inner Ability thread). I managed to land it in ~80k points from Epic on my Mercedes, although that left me with no Honor to re-roll the Legendary stats.



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