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    Anyone have a point table for it or know what all the numbers are? I'm wondering if its worth the trouble to just do 200 floors normally or just farm the 1st and/or 2nd floors. It's too time consuming for me to spend 5hrs to rack up possibly 2.5k pts vs 2k from spamming 1st floor.

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    Just do the first floor and farm. The boxes have a chance to give you Oz Point Sacks. I've gotten 400-470 points from them.

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    Getting to floor 13 gives you 900
    Getting to floor 17 gives you 1200
    and getting to floor 18 gives you 1400
    (Not 100% truth since I didn't really note them down)

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    I see, worth it then if you actually get very far.

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    How often does the box give an oz pouch? I haven't gotten any yet.
    And how many points does that pouch give? spider drops 4 "offensively small amount of points (1-100?)" and 1 regular points pouch (100-200?)
    pouch drops from spider are fixed; more drop rate does not give more pouches

    I feel like farming stage 1 would be the better choice for anyone with decent luck, but in my case, I've been farming stage 10 since that's a guaranteed 5 oz pouches.


    just did 11 runs of farming stage 1, didn't get a single oz pouch. would have been much better to do 3 runs of stg 10

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    Oh, one more question, does anyone know how much each pill give respectively? In minutes of course, trying to also figure how much generics give.

    edit: I made a test, about 89 boxes I tested with and I got 12 pouches. That's not too bad I guess... it about equals out if you looking at how much time you spend on it.



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