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  1. Default Patch Available - MabiNA 1.89

    Nexon posted a patch for MabiNA version 188 upgrade to version 189.
    You may download this patch definition from their official site.
    Posted: 2014-07-23 09:24:29

  2. Default Re: Patch Available - MabiNA 1.89

    New job select movie.
    New Ninja MP3

    All the expected ninja stuff....
    Some new pet dragon.

    Items -
    New Bags - Squirrel, Rabbit, Bear, Fox, Tiger, all 7x7

    Dream Anniversary Bag - 10x10
    Ninja Suits/Sets
    Duke Sets
    Fox & Raccoon ear headgear.
    Lord level demonic weapons.
    Anime Style change coupons - Anohana, SAO, Hatsune
    AP potions in the following denominations - 5, 10, 30 80, 100, 300
    More commerce reforge tools
    Ninja Exp Boost Pots - 600, 3600, 86400 second versions (10 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours for the lazy)
    New Gachas - Random Bag Box, Support Box
    New Whistle for the new dragon pet.

    Title related -

    Verbiages changes on master rank titles;
    Was: Fulfill the requirements to reach Rank 1 of
    Now: Complete your training and become a master of

    Ninja Titles

    Other Titles



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