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  1. Default What counts as being 'funded' these days?

    Back when i played a lot, being funded meant having a Zak helm and some work gloves. I used to have i think +4 attack Work Gloves and 1 Evolving Ring but they were hacked off of me at some point because i don't have them any more.

    Other than that all i have is 3 A rank character cards for the +500 HP (also one is Spearman for the hp% too)
    I'm trying to train up my Wind Archer for the Passive skill across all my characters. Shes currently level 66 and im drowning in pot use because everything hits her pretty hard. I don't really know how to get past this tbh.

    Are Zak Helms worth it still? Can i afford one with 3 mil meso (Windia)? Would it even make a difference?

    Cubing and stuff is a complete mystery to me :x

  2. Default Re: What counts as being 'funded' these days?

    I have not played for about ~7 months, so not sure how much the game has progressed past Fafnir. On the topic of Zakum though, don't buy a helm. Why? Because you can solo easy zak for one, and later normal zak. Most classes now even unfunded can take down zak.

  3. Default Re: What counts as being 'funded' these days?

    :o i didn't even know there was an Easy Zak option. I've never tried him at all idek how u get to him lol.

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    Default Re: What counts as being 'funded' these days?

    Talk to the Bowman 3rd job instructor in El Nath. Easy Zak's proper name is "Crumbling Zakum".

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    I just did him my 2 times for the day for my Wind Archer. Wasn't as hard as i expected just annoying with all the stats he drops on you. No helms both times though :'(



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