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    Default Ken Ham has lost his marbles!

    This is the guy who debated Bill Bye and was defeated. Guess it did more damage to his mental stability than one would of suspected.

    Creationist Ken Ham Says Aliens Will Go To Hell So Let's Stop Looking For Them

  2. Default Re: Ken Ham has lost his marbles!

    This is hilarious. What if you changed the topic?

    " calling for an end to the search for the mass murderer [name here], because he probably won't be found -- and if he is, he's going to Hell anyway."

    He's basically saying that because something is going to Hell, that means you shouldn't be looking for it. So let's all let murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. roam free because they're going to Hell anyway.

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    Default Re: Ken Ham has lost his marbles!

    Not if they repent and embrace Jesus. Or something.

    I must say I don't follow Ken Ham's argument at all. From what I have heard of Christian thought about aliens, it's generally either "The Bible doesn't mention any, therefore they don't exist, and any search for them is a waste of resources" or "Intelligent aliens necessarily have souls, and unless we tell them about Jesus, they will be doomed to Limbo at best". Saying that Adam's sin applies to aliens but Jesus' amnesty does not, makes absolutely no sense, even within the context of religion.

  4. Default Re: Ken Ham has lost his marbles!

    stop looking for them, because i have found where they are!!! lololol
    they are in hell, partying with the gays and lesbians and people who have had abortions

    but lost his marbles? did he even have any to begin with?

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    Default Re: Ken Ham has lost his marbles!

    That's certainly one hell of a party.

    This guy is ridiculous. "Anything outside of Earth is doomed, Earth is all that matters because the Bible says so. Or doesn't say so. Whatever."

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    Default Re: Ken Ham has lost his marbles!

    Anddddd that's the type of Christian I don't want to be associated with.

  7. Default Re: Ken Ham has lost his marbles!

    I don't think Christianity should try to explain why aliens didn't have Jesus, it just makes it more obvious that Jesus isn't the one true son of God...



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