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  1. Smile Shade Crits and Link Skill?

    As I'm an unfunded Shade, link skills are pretty crucial. The critical skill that we have (when HP is under 50%, you deal 90% crit rate) makes the Shade a pretty strong class. However, how does all of this work out when in combination with the Phantom link skill? The Phantom link skill adds a 15% crit rate at level two. When in combination with the critical skill, does it stack or is it ignored? A 100% crit rate would be nice to have. c:

    Also, if this is correct, would all link skills stack regardless? I'm trying to think of it like Maple Warrior as they cannot stack when different classes use their own version of it.

  2. Default Re: Shade Crits and Link Skill?

    Link skills stack regardless. The Phantom LS will give you an extra % on your base crit rate. The Shade skill tacks on an extra 90% when the monster is below 50% HP. The only thing that stacks oddly, iirc, is the DA and Kanna link skills, as they are multiplicative (someone correct me if I'm way off base).

  3. Default Re: Shade Crits and Link Skill?

    They used to be weird. Not anymore. They are all considered as Total Damage %(additive to each other) and show onto your range as Range_formula*(1+TD%).



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