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  1. Default If you coul design the closed area...

    As you all know there alot of area which are closed since U&I patch and yet closed till today, but how would you like to see those area after the revamp?

    I, for example think that Neo city can be good area to involve Lucid and make the whole Theme Dungeon as a dream that she created. This could be nice and good storyline which you discover that it's all one big crazy dream.

    So, how you would like to see the other closed area after the revamp?

  2. Default Re: If you coul design the closed area...

    Neo city expansion, make it more about story and less about grinding. Lower the minimum level to start and include at least 2 quests that give GFA scrolls. Have a couple of side quests that visit ancient Masteria and link the time traveling npc's with the goddess Rhinne. After clearing the new Neo city, a quest is unlocked that gives you access to an expanded and revamped Neo Tokyo. (highest leveled mobs in the area would be 200 and up)

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    Make Omega Sector much less about "get 200 of X drop", more of a humor place like the new mushroom kingdom. They could make some better sci-fi trope jokes. Maybe more of the mesorangers as well, and give out the chair/mesoreanger gear during the quest line.

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    The latest content updates(Grand Athenaeum, new Mushroom Kingdom, Friends' Story) showed us a new way of questing and training, I am sure. That's why I am not worried about the quality of the renewed stuff, but I'd love to see two islands under Ludibrium getting some kind of story connection. ~



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