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    10/10 honestly. I dont even think any other class can do it, unless GMS either nerfed or gives us more time in Floor 50. Just have to wait and seeee.

  3. Can of Soup Straight Male
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    I think a hitting cap kaiser with Lud's sword can do it, but I'm not sure. But yeah, we need more power D: ...

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    stupid phantoms

  5. Default Re: R.I.P Dorothy

    So that's what investing my college tuition into a game looks like...

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    How many classes that, if they hit for cap, would match up with phantom's hps?

  7. Default Re: R.I.P Dorothy

    Bow masters for one.

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    A lot harder to cap with platter without that DrK skill. And BM's don't have judgement draw/finale carte or w/e and that activates a LOT and contributes a TON of damage.

    I should be able to cap with platter now thanks to the level difference (once I finish cubing bonus potentials). I'm actually interested in this content so I'll be seeing how much harder it actually is for a BM.

    also survivability. no way i'd ever be able to dodge like a phantom, let alone have heal.

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    Well bm's have 2 final attacks which should equal out but yes I agree that the survivability is probably the biggest obstacle.

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    Why is there numbers on the buff icons? Just to show how many pots you have left?

  11. Rapid Fire Male
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    It's the duration (in minutes)

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    INBF Chaos versions will be released....

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    I'm not sure that's the case when carte procs 100% of the time and judgement draw is on auto

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    they aren't even close lol

  15. Can of Soup Male
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    Sure it's way easier to cap on phantom but BMs deal more hits.



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