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Thread: [In Progress] Hot Day: 7/19

  1. Default Hot Day: 7/19

  2. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    Hrmm, tempted to get that badge on my Shade, just because of the +speed....but I'll likely get it on my Xenon~

    Since the page doesn't mention any stats for it, is the Kinship ring just a CS effect ring? (would explain the 1-day duration)

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    Nice, my Marksman will get a Power Growth Potion it can't use. Would be nice if I could transfer it through storage to a character that could use it.

  4. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    Kinship ring? A ring that lasts 1 day? I looked up the extraction notes and found nothing about this ring.

  5. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    You get like, 10% more EXP and 5% more for each person in your party who also has one up to a maximum of 20%.

    I'm pretty sure the Power Growth Potion is only given out if you're between 30-199, I'm not sure if they've actually ensured that, but that's what the description of the box says, anyway.

  6. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    =O Neat-o! Then yeah, I'll definitely pick this stuff up on my Xenon, and finally get back to working on that bugger! =3

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    It's called Kin Ring in this extraction (cash section, 01114000).

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    Oooo, a nice hot day on my bday! Definately gonna go for that badge.

  9. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    Hm, my perma Beginner Hayato could use the growth potion, but my Blaze Wizard could use the Badge and Inventory Slots...

  10. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    I still have that RED Badge stuck in my inventory.

    Free inventory slots are always welcome.

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    Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    I can almost max out my inventory slots on my DS now <3 this event period

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    I got the Power Boost potion on two characters, and they both got the same message when I tried to use it (something like "you can only use this item once"), and it disappeared with no effect.

    Is this happening to anyone else? :(

  13. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    yes this happened to me too. fail

    this happened to me in the past event also, they should remember to reset the limit or call it a new name like a hot summer potion instead

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    totally screwed up since i wanted exp potion on my 209 kaiser >_> (and the inventory slots too)
    "i can just cash shop transfer the ring"
    great... no growth potion; and, all the other stuff coulda went onto my ( < level 150) shade

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    Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    Why don't they just give out these pineappleing things separately like they did a few times before? I accepted it on my Kanna because I wanted the Use slots on her, but I wanted the badge on my Shade, and I wanted the Power Growth Potion on him too. I was at least hoping I could accept it on my Kanna and trade it over to Shade, but nope, I didn't even get the damn thing because i'm over level 200.

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    A warning, if you happen to have 4 slots left to unlock these 8 slot coupons won't work.

    Nexon might have the pomegranateiest programmers in all of the dang cosmos.

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    Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    No, a pomegranate programmer would have tried to give you 8 slots when only 4 are locked, resulting in data corruption and making the client crash to desktop whenever you try to log in. A "pomegranatetiest" programmer would have made the corruption so bad it crashes the server (channel) whenever you try to log in.

    The decision to give you nothing instead of 4 when you don't need all 8 is a design decision. It might be left to the programmer (in which case I'd call him lazy), or it might be specced that way because Nexon is always petty and mean, even when giving gifts.

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    Ok fine, so not bad programmers, just unproffesional idiots. It really adds up to the same end though.

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    Interesting, the Power Growth Potion counts as quest exp.

    It should have taken my Hayato Beginner from 69-99%, since he was Lv169 when he used it. But it took him to 170 with 25% instead.

  20. Default Re: Hot Day: 7/19

    Wonder if the 2x quest EXP coupons affect it then... might give it a try later if no one else does.



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