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  1. Default Is bastion a good game?

    Should i buy it for $5 on my iPhone?

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    Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    If you like indie games, it's a really good indie game. If you're a mainstream kind of guy, you won't hate it but you won't like it.

  3. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    Bastion is a great game with amazing visuals and amazing soundtrack.
    Gameplay aint bad either, but i don't think i'd want to play it on a phone myself.

  4. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    I don't really like either classification honestly. Indie and mainstream isn't really indicative of what kind of game it is to me, only the fashion that it's made. I do like games that are made by indie developers generally, but mainstream isn't all bad either. It depends solely on the game.

    I'm simply looking for something to suck me in and waste time on. Is the upgrade systems interesting? Is it a game that has lasting power (ie can i play it for the X or XX hours of gameplay and still have stuff to do that isn't monotonous as s'hit)? Is there replay value?

    For example, the most recent game i picked up is clash of clans. Not expecting that level of upgrade systems or lasting power but something that doesn't end in a few days would be nice.

    @Malthe; Is it on steam?

  5. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    It's on steam yes.

    There is replay value and the difficulty system makes it fun to do challenges/New game plus, a playthrough of the main story would only take around 10 hours though, with new game plus and challenges it would probably extend to 20-25 hours if not a bit more. That's from my own personal experience though.

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    Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    Bastion is a gorgeous and fun game, I love it. It's rather short (IMO) but for $5, DO GET IT.

  7. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    Aesthetically, its a gorgeous game. Gameplay wise, from what I played of it, its sort of like a brawler: run from point A to point B, fighting mobs of enemies along the way. People tend to love the announcer.

    Its worth five bucks, definitely. On Steam, you can usually catch it on sale for around $2.

  8. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    Is the combat system somewhat deep or is it more of a masher? Would i want to keep playing it just to fight things?

  9. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    I think there is SOME strategy I guess, but to be honest I think the game is more noted for its story telling/ visuals. For 5$ I think you can get that much out of it.

  10. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    The combat isn't as amazing as the visuals/sound/story, but it is fun imho.
    There are a lot of different weapons and a lot of different ways to upgrade those weapons(And upgrades can be changed to try out hundreds of different combos). So you could keep trying new things in combat.

    I'm not sure if i would call it deep though.

  11. Default Re: Is bastion a good game?

    I think people are forgetting the Steam version has a playable demo. Try that out and go from there. Really all I can say.



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