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  1. Default Help needed with calculations

    Damage Range:
    Is this correct?

    Formula for Stat: (Found from a old website)
    I would like to ask if anyone has a updated formula for total stats that include:
    1. Character Card
    2. Buffs
    3. Hypers
    4. Link Skills

    Many thanks to all who helped out.

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    Default Re: Help needed with calculations

    Single char cards (ie xenon) and inner ability add a flat amount of stat, added outside the formula.

    Char card set effects (ie hero set) and everything you listed add to the base or potential%.

    At first glance the range formula looks correct.

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    Default Re: Help needed with calculations

    it's lacking a 1+ in front of attack and the TD parts

    moved the division by 100 away because this part:
    also gets floored.

    buffs are added depending on how they work. for example a DrK's cross surge (damage-wise) just multiplies everything by 2, while a xenon's OOPArts code is total damage, and a BaM's dark aura is %attack

    edit: oh yea, if i remember right this part on the formula:

    also got floored

  4. Default Re: Help needed with calculations

    Thanks a lot guys!



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