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  1. Default Why the hate on CoD?

    I don't get it.. they criticize it for being the same game every year [Which is the case for the Infinity Ward titles i'll agree, but the Treyarch titles [World at War, Black ops 1, and Black ops 2 are very different from eachother.] but they jizz over games like Pokemon, Megaman, Mario, and the Legend of Zelda which besides spin-offs are pretty much the same every release.

  2. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Because most of the community is complete pomegranate.

  3. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    You really can't oversimplify the differences between nintendo franchise releases to being as mediocre as the differences between games in the FPS genre.

    And yes, even though my friends play some FPS, the CoD community is filth.

  4. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Some people say the community is pomegranate in LoL
    Some people say the community is pomegranate in MapleStory
    Some people say the community is pomegranate in World of Warcraft

    this applies to every single online multiplayer game ever.

    @Takebacker It's okay for Pokemon to come out with 2-3 games at the same time with basically the only difference being different Legendaries?

  5. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    So we're suddenly going from four examples to one now?

  6. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    People will always try find something to look down on in an attempt to elevate their own views and tastes as 'superior'. People bash cod because its stereotyped as twelve-year-old kiddie fps fodder. People bash mainstream music as generic garbage. Sure there may be some truth behind the hate but the overriding rule is its just people stroking their own egos.

  7. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    I'll make some more then

    Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Zelda: Oracle of Ages
    Megaman: 1-6 and Megaman X: X-X8
    Mario: New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U, Also the Super Mario 25th anniversary collection on the Wii was the laziest thing i've ever seen.

  8. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Well now i think i know why this is in shenanigans

  9. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    You know i'm right, just get off Nintendo's D and see them for what they truely are.

  10. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    but muh pokemanz


  12. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Seems age hasn't gained wisdom.

    Let me explain the difference;

    Call of Duty is a repetitive, hallway type of shooter with very limited diversity. Call of Duty has such obvious patterns, with the prime principle being who has the highest fire rate, that's not even pressing the douche who runs with a shotgun, or the guy who spinelessly hides in a corner.

    You're comparing a game with such mediocre content that is recycled every year (The same f`ucking game engine since 2000) and you want to compare that to the titans such as pokemon? You do realize there are two different pokemon teams that kind of frog hop features throughout all the games? You do realize each generation offered entirely different metagames, that X and Y genuinely capitalized on the 3ds? Where even the remade games offer story elements that expand on the previous story?

    It isn't "DERRR MOR LEGENDRIIS", its a whole new world (typically) where you CONQUER it, with new strategies and the such. Then you try to compare it to a Mario brand game? The new Mario games are party games, and are made for fun, not really shallow competitive gameplay. I mean at least LoL, although just as repetitive, allows you to play with other characters with vastly different skills.

    And megaman? The whole fun part of megaman is the new powers and how to incorporate them in a puzzle like environment, that's the fun with platformers, but they offer new features, new engines and new concepts each generation, you know what call of duty has added? Different kill streak perks, so interesting.

    It's a flat out terrible game, played by people ignorant of quality because the game is so similar, you can transfer all of the experience, all of the hours, to the next generation, it's familiar to them.

  13. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Please tell me the difference between Megaman 1-6 on the NES besides different stages, power-ups, and bosses. Hell even the graphic styles are pretty much the same.

    Also I can't take you serious with an anime gif in your signature.


  15. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Those two don't really belong here/thrown into your Nintendo argument since they were developed by Capcom. They're also from the same age as Pokemon Gold/Silver when link trading was important. Oracle of Ages/Seasons offered endgame content where you cou ld transfer your character from one game to the other as well as share codes between games that gave you in-game bonuses. You didn't have to own both games, it encouraged kids to play with their friends/trade games. The same goes with Pokemon.

    Pokemon makes new areas, new trainers, new Pokemon with every iteration. New games come out every year or so, much like Call of Duty/Battlefield. A major difference between these games is that unlike Pokemon where the story is different every time. There are new Pokemon to catch, new innovative ways to play the games (X/Y), and new lands to explore. Those aforementioned FPS games are just rehashes of their previous version with a new coat of paint on them. You could argue that they too have new stories etc etc, but everyone knows that people only really play those games for the online multiplayer.

    And don't start on a "That's battlefield, cawwadoody is so much better" because they're both the same pomegranate. Both make "new" games every year and both fall into this category.

  16. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    You want to talk about ignorance and you think my signature is anime, el oh el. How stupid of a comparison is that, is your game so bad you have to compare games to something that gets as sophisticated as the super Nintendo?

    Uh, do you want to discuss the fact in megaman 1 you couldn't dash, or the installation of rush? Perhaps Roll? Also I'd argue each megaman power up is more diverse and engaging then the same, very limited (I mean lol battlefield crushes CoD in the amount of gun selection/customization), gun selection which is entire formula is based on "HOW FAST I CAN SHOOT".

    I love how you spout that I'm being ignorant but your only retort is "WELL, HOW ARE SUPER NINTENDO LEGENDARY GAMES DIFFERENT!?", well how about the limited hardware compared to the Xbox which is just a poor mans sh`itty PC. lolol

  17. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    CoD has new story in Campaign [People play the Campaign aswell, it's just the majority plays Multiplayer since it's quite addicting]

    CoD has different maps to explore

    CoD has new killstreaks to try out

    CoD has new guns to try out.

    @KhainiWest The super nintendo is inferior to the xbox 360.

  18. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Campaigns are boring with poor AI and really, again, linear.

    Yeah, so much exploration, you do realize majority of COD maps are ridiculously small? You could run around the entire map in what, 3 minutes? All you're looking for is choke points and quick corners to camp at.

    Yeah, the amazing kill streaks, that you get to try out in maybe at the maximum 4 games lmfao. Considering most COD games last not even 10 minutes, whoopy, your ace card offers 30 minutes of exploration.

    Oh please, it's the same guns being rehashed, it's just they mix and match the perks and sh`it. It has one of the smallest gun selections compared to its counterpart so, there's really no perk here, especially every gun sucks except shotgun and fastest fire rate.

    It's funny because the super Nintendo release date, and the xbox 360 release date's gap difference is as about as old as you are.

  19. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    I didn't know he was going to start slinging pomegranates at posts. pineappleing kid might as well be having a temper tantrum.

  20. Default Re: Why the hate on CoD?

    Yeah but the graphics are garbage



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