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  1. Cash1 Why is your class amazing?

    That is, for those who still play and have a main character they play most of the time, why do you play it and why is it the best class since sliced meatloaf?

    This is a mostly curiosity on my part since we all know that Kanna is the best class in the game, and I'll tell you why:

    • 2 binds, one of which is in a tier of its own. Kanna can keep any bindable boss locked down for a third of the fight, all the while throwing lethal paper in their faces.
    • The summoning of Pinky and Perky, Kishin Shoukan. Not only can they double team any platform, they feed the 5000 with extra spawn in any map and turn EXP deserts into fertile training grounds. Move over Jesus, there's some new deities in town.
    • A resource system that actually requires management. MP is a joke and demon fury/DAs HP and time force are all made redundant by passives. In a game with already limited engagement Kanna's mana (heh) is a breath of fresh air.
    • Kanna's little fox boy slave Haku. Doubles her range with highly scalable %Matk in the kind of amounts that other classes can only dream of, and Foxfire is some of the best status protection you can get. With 17% status resist I can shrug off most status effects flying my way with no effort on my part. He even heals her up if she's in danger of dying and gives her non-trivial amounts of ignore def!
    • 45%boss cooldown-free barrier that doesn't disappear when she dies or leaves the map. This speaks for itself.
    • It actually makes sense to whore out HP since 700HP = +1 Matk. In an age where HP is useless thanks to a plethora of bosses that use exclusively %HP attacks, it's good being a class that can still take advantage of high HP. Kanna doesn't even have to slit her wrists to extract this power like emo avenger does.
    • Largest vertical range teleport in the game. Unlike Bitcoin, Kanna can actually reach the moon.
    • She's amazingly cute but still means business, and she will not hesitate to gouge your eyes out wih her fan if you're mean to Haku.

    I left my aging archmage for Kanna since the numerous limitations of I/Ls at the time were getting in the way of my fun, and I haven't really looked back since except to mourn the loss of Reset. Kanna has all the hallmarks and pedigree of a god-tier class and it's a real shame most people don't see her as any more than a mule. But then, that's their loss.

    Apologies in advance if threads like this are considered pomegranateposting. I like reading about the more positive aspects of our Maple experience.

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    Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    What I originally played it for:
    • Status Resistance
    • 100% Stance
    • Bind
    • Unique System at the time
    • Mobile Warrior

    What it has become:
    • Invited to boss runs due to Demon Cry slightly increasing drop rate. Gets access to free RA Stuff and other junk

  3. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?


    Cool things:
    - Automatically block 5 attacks every 30 seconds
    - 50% status resist with shield equipped
    - Hits defense cap around level 120
    - Hyper grands 30 seconds of completely invincibility
    - Bind hyper
    - Magic crash
    - Res
    - Chance to block attacks that aren't guarded

    Lame things:
    - Void elemental drawing people to class for all the wrong reasons

  4. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    - Why do I play this class? That's because I like it the most.

    - Why do I like it?

    - Flexibility, style, HS, high crit, high avoid, sudo self HB, sudo self res, ultimate drive, and other things I don't feel like putting here.

    - What do I dislike about it?

    - That first nerf, and that cool-down on switching skills. Seriously? I disapprove -_-.

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    Default Re: Why is your class amazing?


    There are no other reasons.

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    Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    i made a dragon knight for roar and dragon buster.

    i honestly have no clue why i still like it more than everything else, but i do. i guess what i like is how much he is affected by things outside of strength and attack.

    plus sexy multipliers. and polearms/spears, can't forget those.

  7. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    I dusted off my Paly when RED came around simply because now, I can never die.

  8. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    I chose Hayato on a whim after retiring my F/P. No regrets there.

    • Its manoeuvrability and utility are amazing. Scaling maps + killing mobs can be done at the same time thanks to the plethora of mobile attacks Hayato possesses. Every active skill is hotkeyed because every one of them has a use. Yes, even the tornado thingo.
    • A jMS exclusive which leads to less meddling of the class' fundamentals.
    • Renjinzan at Fluttering Hearts is love.
    • Obligatory "Issen is so badass."

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    - Elf
    - Unicorns

    Need I say more? Ok fine.

    - Updraft: That awkward moment when you grab a rope on your mule(non-Mercedes) and press up and jump at the same time. I can't live without it. It's just... just too good. Hooks and teleport? pfft.

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    Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    Before (like 2-3 years ago):
    • The 3rd job skills 3-ish years ago after getting to lv 70
    • Beholder and the bunch of buffs that filled the screen on the top
    • Berserk + Dragon Blood's animation
    • Hyper Body

    • Cross Surge
    • Final Pact's Self-res (and how it reminds me drk )
    • Potato Explosion
    • Twirly Twirl (La Mancha)

  11. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    I originally picked Angelic Buster because I saw Limgoon's AB wreck pretty much everything, but I started falling in love with the class as soon as I got my hands on it when she was released in GMS.

    -Starting hair and eyes: For the Transformed mode at least, it's my favourite version of a default class's looks.

    -Eskalade: The flavour text for the quests is absolutely hilarious. I just wished I had a screenshot of the level 200 quest that basically says that the outfit does nothing and is only for his enjoyment.

    -Soul Seeker: We've gone through multiple versions of this skill (ridiculously overpowered 4-orb, ridiculously sucky 2-orb, and workable 2-orb). Still probably my favourite skill, even though it's not useful at all at bosses with invincibility frames (but it ignores Weapon Cancel and doesn't trigger Damage Reflect!).

    -Ability to pass the old damage cap: I dunno, I always liked the idea. I was really happy the first time I hit 1mil with Trinity.

    -PINK: Need I say more? Definitely not for everyone.

    -Mobility: Double Flash Jump and Grappling Hook are amazing together.


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    Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    Completely agree with everything you said here, except maybe the bit about the mana system. I think that is one of Kanna's only drawbacks.

  13. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    Pros to playing Luminous:
    * Your father is basically maple world satan.

    Cons to playing Luminous:
    *You have a slight chance of ending up like your father.

  14. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    Marksmen are just amazing. Their numbers are huge, be it while you're bossing or mobbing. Against bosses, you have Snipe, one of the only, if not the only, single-hitting endgame skills in the entire game, sporting over 4,000% damage in one hit. Before the recent patches, it even dealt ~50m on normal mobs, making me feel strong. When it comes to mobbing, all you need to do is find a large group of monsters, and you'll find yourself dealing tremendous numbers on the last few mobs. Simply amazing.

    This is shared with Bowmasters, but Hookshot could very well be the best movement skill in the game. It's not the fact that it drags you extremely quickly, or that it gives you iframes during the skill, or that it has an amazing range only beaten by the likes of Flame Wheel-tier skills that makes it so amazing, but the fact that it allows you to attack while being pulled. Hunting has never been quicker or easier, especially at maps like the Neglected Garden.

    Oh, and who could forget Aggressive Resistance. Dat 60% damage reduction. Not to mention we already have passive damage reduction from another skill. With Hookshot already giving you so many iframes, this skill really is just a luxury.

    And finally, although this is a very subjective thing, I just love how the class doesn't focus on a single theme. It is colourful and varied, with Dragon's Breath, Explosive Bolt, Frostprey and the golden bow skills. The skills aren't neutral, like the second job Iron Arrow is; they certainly have their own theme, but it is contained within themselves. Some other jobs, like Heroes, only have a fire theme, and Dark Knights, with only darkness (RIP Dragon Knights). Even Paladins, although they have several different elements, are confined within their elemental theme. Other jobs, like Corsairs, are too neutral and nowhere as colourful as Marksmen. The job just turned out this way over time, and I love it. It's obvious that a Dark Knight needs to be dark, etc. but Marksmen don't indicate anything, so the fact that they gave us all these skills with their own colours and themes was a blessing. Bowmasters contrast greatly with most of their skills red and/or fiery.

  15. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    Battle Mages. At first I picked up the job during Big Bang cause the skills looked really cool to me, plus the aura system was interesting.

    Nowadays though
    • Super tanky due to Blue Aura and Blood Drain. You pretty much never need potions for training, and it's relatively hard to die to bosses unless you screw up and get hit with like %hp dmg and cc like I do >.>
    • Tons of avoid as well which is really nice.
    • Your 170 Hyper is like the best one out there. Amazing range and damage.
    • You can be kinda supportive as well due to Auras, which is pretty nice.
    • Party Shield is nice.
    • Lots of free crit.
    • Reapers are the best minions you could ever have.
    • You have both a grab and a rush skill.

  16. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    I like zero because the tag system is really fun to work with, and the combat is very very active, it's more than just flash jumping around and pressing one button.

  17. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    I usually play Beginners but I must say, this one is my favorite.

    1. The name is badass
    2. Only me and a friend know how to get it off Shades hometown, totally legit also.

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    Fixed some things

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    Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    I like swords. No joke but I betrayed my statement and used axes since they were cheaper.

    Combo attack just makes me feel stronger and supposedly they're one of the best bossers in the game.
    I may be wrong with that statement but it's from what I heard. I don't really play the game that much anymore but I could see why.

  20. Default Re: Why is your class amazing?

    I chose Phantom, The Master Thief because:

    - Amazing mobility (Too OP, almost like a hacker )
    - Thief class. I am biased towards thief classes, so yeah.
    - Unique skill: Stealing skills. Enough said.
    - High critical rate: Those numbers, in RED!
    - Cards: Something I like, and it actually is quite fun.
    - Has own ship. No need to wait for ships, everyone! (Although MSEA has a loophole to counter that)
    - Coolness. Come on, you can't deny that Phantom is cool :P
    - Handsomeness. Another plus factor (Phantom is naturally handsome)

    - Low HP, Low MP. Yeah, that.
    - No Stance. I hate getting hit by mobs and pushed back.
    - Damage range is not that high for unfunded people (Like me)

    There are more cons, but this is what I think so far.



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