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  1. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
    IGN: MariettaRC
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Bowmistress
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default Weird Al Yankovic's "Mandatory Fun."

    It's out now! I'm surprised he still does music, actually. But it's still nothing short of awesome.

    Here's a video for one of his songs: 'Tacky,' a parody of Pharell William's 'Happy.'

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: Weird Al Yankovic's "Mandatory Fun."

    Thanks for posting this. I love Weird Al.

    And if you're surprised he's still making music, you have quite a bit of backlog to experience for the first time, because he's never taken a break from making brilliant parodies of whatever's popular. I envy you.



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