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    So, I've been nosing around Maplestory again since a hiatus due to work and personal life. With the changes from GMS 1.50, I decided to take a look at the Multi Kill EXP and Combo Kill EXP since no one else seems to have studied it much.

    Multi Kill (or Multi KO) gives you EXP based on the number of mobs you kill in the one killing blow. It doesn't matter if your skill is a multi-hit skill, but it does matter if your skill is a rapid-attack type skill aka hurricane-type skills (including Frozen Orb and Morning Star and, I think, Kaiser's whirlwind skills?). If the client registers your attack as occurring on 3 mobs at once, then it is a Multi Hit. Period.

    The EXP obtained for Multi Kill is awarded once per mob, but shows up on the bottom right as the total for all of the mobs you killed in that hit (no mean feat figuring this out with the bloody no. of lines that appears, and the speed the text disappears). It doesn't show up once per killed mob i.e. you don't get the Multi Kill bonus for 8 mobs 8 times, only 1 time (check the total EXP before and after). The bonus EXP gained, and the increment in the bonus EXP per successively increasing Multi Kill, is based on the appearance of the "Multi Kill" pop-up in the centre of the screen i.e. it depends on the number of mobs killed.

    Thus, for Multi Kills of 3 to 5, the bonus EXP is:

    And for Multi Kills of 6 - 10+, the bonus EXP is:

    where n is the number of mobs killed in the final killing blow. If this isn't clear enough for you, then here's a table.

    Multi KillBonus EXP per mob (%)

    Here's the raw data, plus an SS to verify for 15 mobs.

    Multi Kill Raw Data at Copper Drakes

    This system is quite fair, because most jobs have their primary mobbing skill hitting 6 - 8 mobs so the greatest increase should be between 3 - 5/6, and only a handful have skills that hit more than 8 and are spammable. So for instance, the Demon jobs such as Demon Avenger "benefit" the most because they always hit the maximum of 4.5% bonus per mob with Demon's Cry due to the massive AoE, but "lose out" the most too because from 11-15 mobs there isn't any more increase in bonus EXP (which could have been even a minor increase, like +0.1% EXP per increased Multi Hit, up to 5.0% at 15 mobs).

    A Combo Kill is counted for every attack that kills (a) monster(s). It does not matter if your attack kills 8 mobs at once, or one mob, it still counts as 1 Combo Kill. Thus, for a spawn of 8 mobs, you can kill all at once for 1 Combo Kill (it won't show up on the screen), or 8 individually to get 8 Combo Kills.

    The new Combo Kill system gives bonus EXP every 50 Combo Kills you achieve. A glowing orb will show up on the map at the location of (one of) the monster(s) you killed that grants you a multiple of 50 Combo Kills (50, 100, 150 etc.), and when you move across the centre of it (or jump through), you will obtain an EXP bonus. The orb will remain there for about 1-2 minutes before disappearing, and it is possible to have 2 or more orbs existing at the same time on a map.

    For the first set of 50 Combo Kills up till 300 Combo Kills inclusive, the EXP bonus is 2x of the lowest levelled monster in the map (Elite monsters and bosses do not count, Boss maps give no EXP e.g. in Zakum), for an average of 4% bonus EXP per mob assuming each is individually killed, and the glowing orb is blue in colour (currently unsure what happens if there is a mixture of monsters, possibly randomly chosen). For 350th to 700th Combo Kills inclusive, the EXP bonus is 3x the monster killed, for an average of 7% bonus EXP per mob, and the orb is purple. For 750th Combo Kills onwards, the EXP bonus is 5x the monster killed, for an average of 10% bonus EXP per mob. The combos stop at 999, and will remain at 999, and the orbs will remain red and give 5x bonus every 50 killing attacks (even though it doesn't show up properly on the Combo Kills counter). The bonuses are summarized in the table below.

    Multiple of 50 Combo KillsBonus EXP MultiplierOrb Colour
    "1000" (999+)5Red

    Here's an SS to show that the Combo Kills do not go past 999.

    999 Combos, note bonus EXP on bottom right no longer applies

    The new system discourages botting to a very small extent, and also makes for a more mobile and somewhat less predictable or boring game-play. In general, it is much less EXP-lucrative than before because multiple-mob Combo Kills no longer contribute EXP per mob, whereas now it is simply a tiered EXP bonus per multiple of 50 Combo Kills.

    Read for the previous Combo Kill bonus EXP system

    Addendum: An observation made during Commerci voyages, particularly at Rien (an possibly Lith Harbour), was that a move that kills mobs that give no EXP do not give Multi Kill or Combo Kill EXP bonuses, and would not show the Combo Kill or Multi Kill graphics. However, if at least one mob gives EXP (while the rest are zero-EXP critters) then the Multi Kill and Combo Kill bonus will show up, providing bonus EXP for the EXP-giving mobs only.

    Hope this helps you all.

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    Thanks for the table, yeah I'm one of those people that don't pay much attention to it haha.

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    um, also i thought someone mentioned also that if you alternate skills, something about multi kill or combo exp also being doubled? Ill try to find the post that mentioned that.

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    neat to know, the experience doesn't seem like much but i'm sure that if one's doing a grinding session those 999 combos are gonna add up

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    @Grey; I can't replicate the random EXP thing when I'm testing on my BaM, killing 1 mob at a time with different skills. I only know it appears to double when you're killing 2 mobs in one hit.


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    Hi all. I don't mean to bump the thread intentionally, but this is to let you guys know that the Combo Kill system has been updated since the recent patch, to a more graphically appealing but less lucrative system. Hope you guys find it informative.




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