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  1. Default Horntail questions

    Due to the number of changes over time, I am having difficulty finding accurate, up to date information about Horntail. :/

    1. How many people do I need in my party to do the prequest?
    2. How many people in my party do I need to fight Horntail?
    3. Do I need to do the prequest every time I wish to fight Horntail?
    4. What level do I need to be before it will allow me to fight him?
    5. What level is Horntail?

  2. Default Re: Horntail questions

    1. I've heard it's 2 now, although I'm unable to confirm (or rather, too lazy).
    2. 6 in an expedition.
    3. No. You only need to do it once, period. Once you have the badge (Certificate of the Dragon Squad) you can skip the party quest every time. Note that having the badge will allow everyone in your party to skip the party quest as well.
    4. I know the expedition requires 80 but I don't think that's right. I want to say 100 or 120, but either way I wouldn't recommend going at that level unless you're just going to loot a pendant/card from someone.
    5. 160.

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    Thank you very much. One last follow up on #2: Do those 6 in an expedition need to be with me at the time of entry?

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    Default Re: Horntail questions

    no, they just have to be in party, regardless of being online or not

  5. Default Re: Horntail questions

    Riveting. Thank you. That is all I need to know.

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    Default Re: Horntail questions

    You will need to do the transformation quest every time, though.

  7. Default Re: Horntail questions

    Another question regarding HT

    What quests are required to be done in order for the Secret Transformation Medicine one to appear?

    Nvm, Moira's Whereabouts via Chief Tatamo.

  8. Default Re: Horntail questions

    I can't seem to get into the horntail pq prequest with only two people. I guess you still need 6.



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