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  1. Default Vindictus shows off its TV spot


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    Default Re: Vindictus shows off its TV spot

    I wonder which network(s) it's going to be on. If it's going to be on some stupid cable network (it's probably cheaper though), they're not going to get the amount players that they want. If they show it on the big four, or even five (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW) then they could get some major traction.

    According to Zoltar on the forums, it's being run on Adult Swim, Esquire TV (G4tv), Comedy Central, Spike TV, and MTV2.

  3. Default Re: Vindictus shows off its TV spot

    So they opted to use the subpar video that shows absolutely zero gameplay. Wow.

    Raid boss intros are nice, but Vindictus's gameplay is what sets it apart and they decided to forego it.



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