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Thread: [Game Over] Digital Mafia - TOWN WINS

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    Faon left.

    I guess we could start the game early if he comes :)

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    Sorry, I had a family issue, happens to everyone of us once in a while.

    Unless you do not have a family. Then I am sorry for bringing this up

    Anyways, I am finally here, and I have read the PM.

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    Yes, I understand :)

    Oh great, so now let's start it when xBTAx is free :)

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    At this point, Day 1's going to start at noon PST tomorrow still. I want to stick to a regular day length, and selfishly, it's best for my guaranteed availability to continue to use that time as the starting/ending of phases (and if it wasn't that time, it'd be later). It's good that everyone's around and ready, though!

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    No problem, will wait until it starts :)

    Decided to change the time back to PST to avoid myself from wondering what time is it in PST lol.

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    (Days are starting at 5AM again... ):

    WELL JOKE'S ON YOU, I'm up at 5 anyway! Q n Q)

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    Default Re: Digital Mafia - Day 0

    Well I'm working (8~5) so don't blame me if I don't post for in the last 5 hrs of each day...

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    Likewise, but when it comes to sleep when school starts up again (next week)

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    Don't you worry. I'm on the same boat(Australian, despite my flag on profile) except I work during weekdays so :P.

    The days are 48 hours though aren't they?

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    They are, and it was more of a joke. The last game had the same time restraints so I have no real problem with it, until it comes to conveniently revealing crucial information in the 5 hours I'm NOT there, but I digress

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    The day starts and ends at 3am for me, so I'm not in any better condition.

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    For me, the day starts and ends at... 3 pm. Curious

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    Faon's here! Start in two hours :3

    I'll be asleep, of course but I digress. Let us be graced by lady luck!

    (btw @faonkarino; your dp, coupled with your complete masterminding schemes last game has earned you the title of "the good guy who was evil all along".

    Complete with bonuses! :) )

  14. Default Digital Mafia - Day 1

    As the darkness lifted, each of you groggily stared at the others. It appeared as you if you were standing on a vast expanse of blue, with no end in sight in any direction. Suddenly, the land changed around you. Within seconds, it looked as if you were standing in the town plaza! There was one significant change, however: what appeared to be a giant glass orb stood in the center of the plaza, where a statue of the town's founder once did. As you looked around in bewilderment, the same cheerful man from before appeared out of thin air in front of the orb. His outfit, a bright blue suit with a crimson red bow-tie, would have been almost comical looking if it weren't for the sinister atmosphere he projected. Some of you tried to demand answers from him, but found yourselves unable to speak.

    "Helloooooooooooo everybody! My name's Vlad, and I hope you're ready for the game to end all games! You see, while it may feel like you're in the same world as always, you've actually undergone the process of Digitalization. The world you see here is completely virtual! But don't worry, your bodies are fine back in the real world, and we're taking special care of them till you return. If you return, that is. You see..." he said, before gesturing to the glass orb.

    "This here's the Soul Container. If you get contained in it... well, it won't be you that's returning to your body. You'll be stuck here for all eternity, or at least as long as we can afford to keep this instance of the game going. Now, how do you get contained, you ask? It's simple: some of you aren't as nice as you seem, and are willing to throw away the lives of everyone else if it means being spared once... actually, I shouldn't really tell you about that. Anyway, the only way for you pure-hearted folk to win is to contain all of those who wish to betray you. Each day you'll all just need to vote for one person, and the person who gets the most votes will be contained. And each night... well, you'll have to handle that yourselves. To help with that, you'll notice that each of you now has a Personal Messaging device in your pockets. You should already been sent some documentation on how the Digitalization affected you by one of my employees. You'll be able to use that to communicate with them if you have any questions that need answering. Besides that... good luck, and happy voting!"

    And with that, he vanished. Above the Soul Container, a timer appeared, reading "48:00:00" before it began to count down...

    Day 1 ends at noon PST on the 11th (Friday).

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    This reminds me of gantz for some reason . Anyway what should we do?

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    There lives here a man who loves rhyming,
    And due to unfortunate timing,
    Only rhymes are allowed,
    When he speaks to the crowd,
    But least he is not miming.

    This situation is quite absurd,
    And the programmer is such a turd,
    But we are all stuck here,
    And I won't sit in fear,
    So my solution, let's [vote] TheBirds
    Last edited by MasPan; 2014-07-09 at 09:57 PM.

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    Since there are not many posts yet and I don't wanna seem that I'm absent, I'll vote later :)

  18. Default Re: Digital Mafia - Day 1

    This flavour is pretty awesome, totally worth the wait. And Mas, why do you want to vote TheBirds? Other than just getting things started.



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