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    Default Fancy Pattern Vivillon

    Fancy Pattern Vivillon is now available through Mystery Gift on Pokemon X and Y to commemorate 100 million trades on the GTS.

    You only have until the end of the month to pick it up, so hop to it.

  2. Default Re: Fancy Pattern Vivillon

    Just downloaded mine =3

    It's weird that it's level 12 of all things, but I guess that makes it easier for someone just starting to add it to their party early-game if they want~

  3. Default Re: Fancy Pattern Vivillon

    And thus my collection is complete :D

  4. Default Re: Fancy Pattern Vivillon

    Mine is complete now as well! Been waiting on Fancy Pattern

    Also, I believe those playing X get a male one, while those playing Y get a female, that's the way it was for me and a friend anyways. I tried resetting a few times on Y to get a male, but they were only female, while X was only male.

  5. Default Re: Fancy Pattern Vivillon

    I got a male one, and I'm playing Y.

    Probably depends on your trainer ID or something. Or maybe it's fixed the moment you get one.



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