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  1. Cash1 So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    But no matter what I do I can't gain any followers or viewers.

    It's fun playing games while people are watching and helping me/commenting through-out the game.
    Would anyone have any idea what games would actually be liked by people? And how to get some people
    to watch me?

    Games I can/will play:
    - All SNES/GBA games. (Especially Castlevania, Mario and Metroid series. Very eager to play these.)
    - Don't Starve.
    - Magicite.
    - Spelunky.
    - Binding of Isaac.
    - Rogue Legacy.
    - Towerfall Acsension.
    - Risk of Rain.

    I love rogue-like games haha.

    And a dozen other games but not worth mentioning in my opinion.
    So yeah, any idea? And is this even the right place? If not, sorry haha.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    Play crappy indie horror games, scream a lot and use a lot of rape and gay jokes, I've heard that works.

  3. Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    This actually made me chuckle haha.
    I can't say i'm willing to do this though. (;

  4. Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    Being swedish seems to help too.

    OT: One thing you can try to do is look for when popular streamers are streaming something that typically doesn't have a lot of viewers boosting it into the top 10 viewed games and then start streaming the same game. If you're a good and entertaining streamer people will stick around. But well, without streaming popular games it's hard to gather a viewer-base.
    Otherwise just play stuff you enjoy and hope you pick up followers along the way, not everyone is going to become a popular streamer though.

    My advice would be, only stream if you enjoy it regardless of if you have one or one thousand viewers. Or you might just be in for a world of disappointment if you're never able to gather a following.

  5. Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    Not Swedish sadly.

    But I tried doing that and one of the popular ones would be Binding of Isaac so I might try that out. I can't say i'm extremely good at games but I think i'm doing
    a pretty good job at most of them haha. (No, not just Mario Kart games) Other than that it's mostly League of Legends but that game really doesn't appeal to me
    for some reason so that's a shame. Maybe Dark Souls would be a good idea..

    And I don't need a ton of followers, I just like it when a few (2-3) people are watching/talking to me while playing. Makes it a lot more fun. But I can't even get
    that many people in my room. I think i'll just continue playing games I like and just see what happens.

  6. Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    Oi whats your stream. I'm always looking for something to watch.

    It also helps to have kickin tunes playing. Sometimes I just watch streams for the music.

  7. Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    The link is:
    It's 0:40 AM right now but i'm tempted to play Don't Starve honestly.

  8. Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    Half the problem is that, at least on Twitch, they give almost no way for a new streamer to be seen. The front page is all super popular games played by super popular people. The search goes by popularity. Everything is by popularity. You don't really get a chance if you're a new streamer. Even Youtube and sites like that give the random video(s) that isn't all that related to what you're watching then, but Twitch doesn't.

    The second half of the problem is that a lot of people only want to see one of two things (or both):
    1) Someone who overreacts to everything. A lot of popular streamers are people who go batpomegranate crazy over little things.
    2) Someone who's REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good. Like speed runners.

    If you don't fit either of those two categories you're even worse off than Twitch makes you.

    I even made a topic, years ago, on Twitch's forums about the first issue. I said they should take one of the game bars from the frontpage, or make a new one, and make it a "Channel Roulette." Just pick 5-10 random streams, COMPLETELY and UTTERLY random, and put them on the front page. It doesn't even need to be any amount of time, just every time the front page is loaded it does this, and it would help immensely. Like I said back when I streamed a lot; I don't care to be insanely popular, but even having 5 people watching would be nice. I was, naturally, completely ignored. I even got quite a few responses that agreed with the suggestion. Twitch doesn't really give you a chance because it's all about the super popular games or go to the small, dank, dusty corner.

    I myself don't stream anymore, but that's mostly because I'm sleeping, working, or driving to work, most of the day now and I don't really have the time for it anymore. It's fun when you can get a decent conversation going on in a stream, but it's extremely difficult to do with a new stream.

    Edit: Just looked at the frontpage's worse than it used to be. It used to have, back when I made my suggestion, like 5 bars of streams for whatever games were popular right then. Now it's just a small bar of popular streamers with the bottom section of the "in" games without previews to said game streams.

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    Default Re: So I got a new laptop and I want to stream stuff. But..

    1) Have a camera.
    2) Be attractive.
    3) Play League of Legends.
    4) Have some random quirk. There's a stream I know called HISTORY_TEACHER, and every time he dies he gives a history fact. Some people like raging their heads off, and some people like showing they give no pineapples. If you're streaming because you enjoy the game, then no one will watch you because why wouldn't they just play the game themselves? However, if you're streaming to entertain an audience, then that's reason for people to watch you.



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