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    I'am thinking about coming back to maplestory but i have a mac so i know i cant run it without downloading some sort of windows thing.

    -my question is, what is a laptop that i can buy that will allow me to play maplestory?

    -if you guys could give me suggestions and pros/cons of the laptop that would be great.

    -i dont have a specific price range but i'd like something not TOO expensive. just enough to run maplestory with little to no lag. (keep in mind i know nothing about computers)

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    Default Re: maplestory laptops

    any modern computer should run maplestory. except maybe not recommended to use the really really low end stuff that have similar hardware to chromebooks. Maple being pretty much CPU limited, a good GPU is not needed.

    I could give reccomendations, but I like to have a price boundary at least set. even if its not final, a relative one would be nice

    Gaming Laptop Junky's ~500$ section does a good job explaining things I'm too lazy to type

    would be a good place to start



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