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  1. Default Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    Even though I asked the GMs whether I can change the resolution using registry editor and the response was YES,

    I got perm banned banned for 4 weeks after me uploading my Hard Magnus solo video ( )with the editted resolution.

    Unban Request Link:

    Damn losing faith in this server... #1 player banned for using Kanna and then this..


  2. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    Do you have a screenshot of the GM approving it?

    Either way, that's incredibly stupid. GMS doesn't do anything unless a GM personally witnesses it. A YouTube video has never been taken into consideration. "It can be edited" or something.

  3. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    Yea in the link I posted (Unban Request part) I posted a screenshot of a GM making a comment about the issue in the customer support (quite vaguely though) saying there is no problem with modifying the resolution.

    I don't see how this works like you said, Nexon saw my Youtube video and gave me ban -_-


  5. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    To be frank, you're stretching things now Min Gyu.

    Phatnom was banned for using the Party Play thing. It was explained afterwards that it was ignoring a GM's warning. If a GM tells you not to do something, just don't do it. If a police officer tells you not to do something but you know there's not a law that tells you not to do it, do you act like a smartass and get yourself arrested or do you listen even though you know better.

    You edited registry files with a third party program, you're a clever guy and you know that isn't allowed. You tried to get an unfair advantage and this time, Nexon punished you. Be happy it got reduced to a temporary ban.

  6. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    Thank you so much for telling me the same thing over time, in various websites.

    I am beginning to find your mentioning my name pretty uncomfortable and I want you to stop doing it as this is not the first time I am seeing this (though this is the first time on Southperry). What rights do you have to threaten my protection of anonymity over the internet?

    Furthermore, You don't need to re-clarify why Phatnom got banned and so on because I too know what happened as well, and I m finding whatever you are repeatedly saying somewhat annoying.

    And just to note, you seem to have no knowledge of regedit, what you do is you open up a registry editor which is on all windows (Windows + R -> type regedit) and change few numbers in Maplestory folder, in my case 1366*768 to 1920*1080. It is not a third party program, unless you wanna call Windows third party program.

    I am happy as you have been repeatedly telling me on NexonEU forum that my ban is reduced to 28 days so will you please shut up and stop bringing this over Southperry? I made this thread to introduce an incident in EMS to others playing different servers, not to read your boring repeated statements which attempts to clarify already-obvious facts.

    I want whatever discussions in Southperry not to involve a pointless drama like this so I sincerely ask you to stop attempting to ignite a nonsensical drama like this.

  7. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    Robin is so derp xD

    This was Allowed on all other versions of maplestory and KakaoTalk did ask a GM about it.. The ban is stupid imo.. But anyways Robin you boring arent ya?

    Letme remember you that if you wanna flame someone everywhere you need to take a look on the mirror and remember that you have a shady past.. -Cant really say the word here so guess it-

    Lets now stay on topic! :)

  8. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    I was just about to log on to post the same thing regarding RegEdit. Also it technically is an outside program, its no more a third-party utility than say, Notepad. It's a part of Windows and comes included in the operating system by default. That doesn't really excuse it, but its worth mentioning, as the term "third party program" usually causes people to assume "hacks" or "something that was downloaded off the internet from a malicious/cheater's website". All the guy did was open up the file on his computer that contained his game's settings, and edited it. It's harmless. I wasn't aware that it could even grant any sort of gameplay advantages until the Magnus case was pointed out in our "Maplestory at custom resolutions" thread. Another potential use, scanning the map for resources, was also listed, but I feel like that can also be said about the disparity between the three "official" resolutions we already have.

    Anyway, I'm on your side Kakao. Their response to you was very misleading. I've been wanting resolutions higher than what we've got for years, and I firmly believe that its possible to make that happen. Using a higher resolution in Magnus does grant an advantage, but I can't think of many other instances aside from that. I'd rather they simply lower the spawn height of the balls or rework the boss itself a bit instead of penalizing users for going higher than 1366x768, but thats just my opinion on the matter. I've never fought Magnus.

    EDIT: Here's his message to the GM.

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    Knowing that NexonEU is on a ban spree right now, its definitely not a good idea to show modified resolutions on public since stuff like this can happen.

    Sadly i cant say that i wasnt expecting this, since in fact i was completely certain that NexonEU would ban for having modified resolutions sooner or later.

    Anyways its nice that at least they reduced your ban to 1 month, though IMO its still a lot of time.

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    getting banned for physically altering maplestory files for any reason is akin to hacking.
    the GM response says "Monitor Resolution". Nowhere does the GM give you permission to "edit registry values".

    as for the video, that's like robbing a bank, getting away scott-free, then posting the video of you saying "lookit all my monies i stole from bank"

    be smart. dont get caught. dont GIVE PROOF OF YOUR OWN GUILT and then QQ later. jesus

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    Maybe you should just accept your ban and stop whining on SouthPerry then. I know how to use Regedit. It doesn't matter what you did; you changed registry files. That's what I said. That's what you did.
    You deserve your ban. It's clear as rain.

    And Ale, I'd be worried if I were you, 2 of your buttbuddies already got banned; you might be next. It seems you all have a track record of breaking the rules and gaining unfair advantages. Ahem, Kritias Invasion.
    If you happen to have proof that I hacked; please show it. Otherwise shut up you High Quality Equip Enhancement Abusing troll. Also, fix yo grammar son.

    It's finally catching up to you. Enjoy your ban Mister KakaoTaIk Marksman sir.

  12. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    HAHAHA why you have to be mad? xD
    We all know its true.. And yeah if I had proof you would be banned already.. But anyways

  13. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    So you're claiming something without having the proof to back it up? And why would I be mad? It's your friend who is banned.
    Seems you and Kakao are the ones who are annoyed.

  14. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    I love how pointless it is to mention this. Good for you that you can explain this (albeit in simple terms) but saying you're happy your deserved ban was shortened after trying to justify the ban not being deserved by saying windows isn't a third party program (it is) is delicious.

  15. Default Re: Nexon EU rather ban players #2

    I know there are some miserable people who have to track other people and have the joy of annoying others but yea

    some retards think regedit is 3rd party program but i guess that is none of my business :P



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