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Thread: [Event Discussion] Digital Mafia Discussion

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    Trapped in a virtual recreation of your beloved town, a bizarre host has forced you into a game with deadly consequences. Will those who believe in the spirit of community prevail? Or will those who've given up that hope manage to slaughter their way to victory and the return to reality that comes with it?

    Signups will last a week (till July 5th) and the game will start immediately afterwards, with a Day 0 existing for the purpose of all players confirming receiving their role PMs. If you are going to be inactive for a significant amount of time or are otherwise unable to participate for some reason, please tell me so a substitute can be brought in. I want to be somewhat hands off in terms of enforcing activity (especially as I know I personally have become busy during both of the previous two games despite still trying to be involved), but it should be known that by playing you've become responsible for helping your team, and you have an obligation to them. Furthermore, in light of last game's events, if you find yourself wanting to act out against your team: tell me so you can be subbed out. Sabotaging the game helps no one, and I'd rather sub you out then be forced to godkill you (since that's its own form of sabotage). I also want to remind you of the following: you are playing a game. A game that involves trickery and manipulation, but still a game. If you cannot separate the actions of a character someone is playing from the player, and if you cannot treat other players with respect or cannot express disagreement without getting into personal attacks, please don't play.

    Finally, a very important warning: this game will be weird. It will ideally be very interesting and entertaining to everyone involved. It will also ideally be balanced, and that's definitely what I'm aiming for, but please be aware going in that things will probably be much more chaotic than most games and so I cannot promise that things won't blow up in my face.


    The players:

    1. MetaSeraphim
    2. Niernen
    3. ChaoticCJ
    4. VerrKol
    5. Liable
    6. Chaz
    7. Polantaris
    8. MasPan
    9. LuvDWayULie
    10. Holypie
    11. TheBirds
    12. Sega
    13. Kyrastri
    14. faonkarino
    15. Shidoshi
    16. Olsi
    17. meowmixx

    1. CakesXD

    Aaaaand here we go. Still got some stuff to work out role-wise, but I didn't want to put off posting signups since I have the premise decided and all.
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  2. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Sign me up.

  3. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    I will join as well. I like weird games-there is a challenge to figuring it out.

  4. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
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    Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    I am of course in as well.

  5. Water

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    Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Oh something to ward away the boredom. Sign me up.

  6. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Moi plox.

  7. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Here is to a Batmafia repeat.

  8. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Weird mafia? Check.

    I'll join.

  9. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Hahaha. I don't think SP could handle that.

  10. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Oh jesus Batmafia was intense. I still remember looking through wikipedia for a plausible claim.

    Oh yeah I'm definitely in.

  11. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    You know you loved my Firefly claim.

  12. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    I'm in. Nvm, I'm sorry.
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  13. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    How many people do you need, xBTAx? :)

  14. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    I'm in :)

    I have two weeks of holiday left, so it better be over by then

  15. Default Re: Digital Mafia Sign Ups

    Let's try not to lynch Sega on Day 1 again? Unless he's really scummy this time.
    I'm up!

    /* Even if weird games tend to lessen the importance of the Day phase, it should still be fun. */



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