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    What penalties (if any) are there for job advancing late?

    I'd like to participate in this event on a Noblesse that I intend to advance to Night Walker, but the level requirement is 33. I've seen lots of mixed answers and I don't have a character slot to test it myself.

    Edit: There are no penalties at the time of this post. Thanks for confirmation with pictures @Grey
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    Make a noblesse to above 15-20 and advance to a dw/tb/wa to test?

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    The noblesse I have has untradables on it already and as I said, I'm out of character slots.

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    ???? Make a new account->get a clean noblesse to a fair way through 1st job->job advance into a cygnus that is available now and test to see if there are penalties for future cygnus?

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    What above said, but instead of making a new account just level one on a different server
    Noblesse are pretty easy to train since they got that beginner mobbing skill
    Good luck!

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    Wow, I had no idea I could do that /sarcasm. I'm not gonna waste time levelling a Noblesse to 30+ without character cards and low level equips if someone knows the answer to my question.

    Don't quote me with smartass comments. Reply with an answer to my question or let the thread die.

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    You clearly said you have no free character slots to test it yourself.

    He pointed out that you could make a new account for testing purposes.

    He answered your question perfectly and without being a smartass.

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    You don't even even need to make a new account for this test, just do it in a different server. You have plenty of slots available since we have so many servers.

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    You clearly don't know what a question is. The only question I've asked in this thread is "What penalties (if any) are there for job advancing late?"
    Pointing out the obvious and stating I could make a new account or test in a different server doesn't answer this question at all. I had hoped people would infer that I didn't intent to test this on a new server or account (with no character cards or equips to facilitate quick levelling), hence me mentioning the lack of slots.

    Again, don't quote me unless you actually have an answer.

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    There should not be a penalty to overleveling. There used to be, but they've since fixed the SP system years back.

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    Thank you very much. By any chance, do you know if this is applies to overlevelling multiple job advancements as well? For example, would a lv 200 beginner receive full SP for each job should they choose to advance?

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    Wow dude. So ungrateful. I wasn't being a smartass at all. Did you miss the question marks? I gave you the tools to be able to figure it out yourself because i didn't know the answer and i wanted to help. I didn't say get a noblesse to 30+, that's ridiculous.

    Testing your question out yourself instead of going off someone's word here is the best way to ensure you don't waste your high level noblesse when the time actually comes and you find out you actually do have penalties for advancing late.

    Notice the "should" in zelkova's answer. He's not 100% confident in his answer; i wouldn't be either. Cygnuses are different from adventurers. Your best option is to do what i said and test it yourself to find out for sure.

    No one will know this answer for sure, but i'll go ahead with "no" just because you obviously want a concrete answer and i don't want you getting pissy if someone gives you something else.

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    You are correct. I am not 100% sure on the older classes that existed before the SP change that made classes have individualized SP for each job. I wish I knew for certain but I do not.

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    I apologize if I misunderstood the intent of your post and/or offended you, but based on the way you post (not just in this thread) it seemed like you were pomegranateposting. Regardless, don't assume people lack the common sense to test things on their own. If I needed to know how to do it, for example, I'd have asked "How do I test this?"

    Getting a Noblesse to 15-20 wouldn't suffice because, as stated in the OP, I need level 33 for this event. I'd need to level beyond the second job advancement to properly test this, which as you said would be ridiculous (especially with this update and without character cards). Hence me being averse to testing this myself.

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    Well actually i meant telling someone to get to 33 on a noblesse is ridiculous, not the actual act of getting to 33 on a noblesse. If you want to get to 33 it isn't that bad, especially since as someone said earlier and i totally forgot about, noblesse can mob. We have all these multi/combo exp bonuses and runes now so it shouldn't take more than a few hours or so even on a totally bare character/account.

    I wasn't assuming you didn't know how to test it or didn't have the common sense to figure it out, i was more assuming that no one here would know the answer 100% having tested it themselves. Not sure which is worse.

    I'm sorry that no one knows for 100% sure, but we're probably over 90% sure there are no penalties at all, so it's not totally disadvantaging to you going forwards.

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    This is what would happen if you did your first job advancement on a 31+ Explorer a couple years back, not sure if they changed it at all, and I'm assuming the same thing happens doing 2nd job at 61+ and 3rd job at 101+.


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    If you read the other thread about the pre and post cygnus revamp, I asked something pretty similar to this.
    All I was really concerned about is that it could be a different or split creation process compared to the others, like the demon avenger or something(?). I was told otherwise that they were all the same though. There's nothing concrete about it until the revamp actually hits. So I went ahead and leveled a Noblesse character to Lv33+ for the events and being able to move a bunch of cash/nx equips over to it. It was relatively easy and fast to level a Noblesse, as they have flash jump (included with a high vertical jump) and 3-target mobbing attack that can be spammed very fast.

    I'm inclined to believe that there are no real penalties for leveling past the job advancements. Obviously, I haven't done my first and second job advancement, but I have a notice bubble about unused SP. You still get SP, but you just can't see them until you advance and I'm hoping it's the right amount. I'm uncertain, but did they split the SP pools for each job advancements for explorers and CKs now? Anyway, there's also a notice in the chat box and Maple Guide telling me to advance as well if I wish... It gets annoying, but I'm ignoring it for now. As a Noblesse, your AP automatically gets reallocated into str and dex until Lv10. But advancing should reset them right?

    Edit: This was created about a week ago
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    Mine is lv 20 from the Zombie event and I haven't gotten a notice bubble yet, good to know. The SP pool is definitely split for the new KoC. I levelled WA and DW post revamp and I was unable to go back into lower jobs and add points like I could with pre-RED explorers. And yeah, seeing that blue message in my chat box every time I log into my Noblesse to move equips is annoying lol.

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    If you guys haven't done it for yourself, here it is.

    AP reset, SP accounted for, HP and MP increases.

    Edit: I also have 7 rows of inventory slots in each inventory (except Cash, of course) rather than 6?
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